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Stubbing meets an old flame's daughter, Melanie (Margaret Laurence) and when he has to go, she decides to join him and he keeps his distance because he cannot seem to separate her from her late mother. Capt. Teresa and Dominic decide to separate. A woman is scared by her boyfriend's risky stunts. Note: Deney Terrio is better known as the choreographer and dance coach for John Travolta in the movie Saturday Night Fever. Guest Stars: Iris Adrian as The Amazing Alonzo Groupie, Charlie Aiken as Bobby Diller, Barbara Anderson as Karen Williamson, Joan Blondell as Ramona Bevans, Gary Collins as Mr. Diller, Jane Kean as The Amazing Alonzo Groupie, Mary Ann Mobley as Mrs. Diller, Bibi Osterwald as The Amazing Alonzo Groupie, and Vincent Price as Wendell Mordan - 'The Amazing Alonzo.'. The Captain might reconsider his marriage to Emily (Marion Ross). Fashioned like an episode from Love, American Style set at sea (ABC’s earlier romantic comedy anthology hit—ask Grammy about it), the premise for The Love Boat was quite simple and therefore, comfortably predictable, week after week. However, once on board, she runs into the dean of American film and drama critics who has never given Miss Logan a good review. On a Christmas cruise, three men (Avery Schreiber, Ray Walston and Scatman Crothers) are scheduled to play one jolly St. Nick. A 12-year-old resents the romance between his mother (Jessica Walter) and his teacher (Richard Gautier); a financially troubled man (Sonny Bono) finds $2000 in a borrowed coat; Doc and his ex-wife (Juliet Prowse) realize they're still married. The American television series The Love Boat (Love Boat in its final season), set on a cruise ship, was aired on ABC from September 24, 1977 until May 24, 1987. TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show The Love Boat anytime, anywhere. The Captain and the Lady/One If by Land/Centerfold. Isaac gets the crew to bolster his stagestruck aunt's (Isabel Sanford) ego, which turns her into an outrageous prima donna and upsets his uncle (Mel Stewart). A henpecked man (Roddy McDowall) feels he's being pressured, by his girlfriend (Tammy Grimes), into marriage, against his will. On a Caribbean cruise, famous author Mallory (Pernell Roberts) invites several people to help find his nephew with the promise of a huge reward. Twins (Cyb Barnstable, Trish Barnstable), unhappy with their perspective spouses (David Nelson, Fred Travalena), switch places. The crew goes to China to work on a cruise, there. And they still want him to help them. He asks his niece, Jenny (Morgan Fairchild) and her husband Bud (Grant Goodeve), to come but they are divorced so they have to pretend that they are still married. Other Guests: Jennifer Shaw as Joanne Pringle (credited as Joanne), David Knapp as Lucas Bradford (credited as Lucas), Craig Littler as Carl Daggett, Tiiu Leek as Linda Daggett, and Mark Thomas as Peter Pringle. The Professor Has Class/When the Magic Disappears/We, the Jury, Hits and Missus/Return of Annabelle/Just Plain Folks Medicine/Caught in the Act/The Real Thing/Do Not Disturb/Lulu & Kenny (Country Music Jamboree): Part 1, Hits and Missus/Return of Annabelle/Just Plain Folks Medicine/Caught in the Act/The Real Thing/Do Not Disturb/Lulu & Kenny (Country Music Jamboree): Part 2, Fountain of Youth/Bad Luck Cabin/Uncle Daddy, China Cruise: The Pledge/East Meets West/Dear Roberta/My Two Dumplings: Part 1, China Cruise: The Pledge/East Meets West/Dear Roberta/My Two Dumplings: Part 2, Bricker's Boy/Lotions of Love/The Hustlers, Youth Takes a Holiday/Don't Leave Home Without It/Prisoner of Love, Rhino of the Year/One Last Time/For Love or Money, Friend of the Family/Affair on Demand/Just Another Pretty Face, Japan Cruise: When Worlds Collide/The Captain and the Geisha/The Lottery Winners/The Emperor's Fortune: Part 1, Japan Cruise: When Worlds Collide/The Captain and the Geisha/The Lottery Winners/The Emperor's Fortune: Part 2, Long Time No See/The Bear Essence/Kisses and Makeup, Julie and the Bachelor/Set-up for Romance/Intensive Care, The World's Greatest Kisser/Don't Take My Wife, Please/The Reluctant Father, Dee Dee's Dilemma/Julie's Blind Date/The Prize Winner, The Misunderstanding/Love Below Decks/The End Is Near, The Last Case/Looking for Mr. Wilson/Love on Strike. She even helps cure the Captain's back spasms. Eleanor overprotects Patty, trying to throw cold water on her shipboard fling with Peter Barkan (Christopher Knight). Guest Stars: Frank Converse as Bill Thompson, Marcia Strassman as Stephanie Lewis, Pat Crowley as Noreen Badger, Marion Ross as Rose Higby, Brett Halsey as Clark Tyler, and Peter Isacksen as L. Courtney Stubing IV. A husband and wife who own a model agency spar over the use of one of the models who has captured the Captain's eye. After a successful made-for-TV movie, the nautical themed The Love Boat made its series debut on May 5, 1977, exactly 40 years ago!. Two sisters (Audrey Landers and Judy Landers), who are looking to score a rich guy but, when one of them is attracted to Ace, the other tries to sabotage the relationship. An estranged husband and wife end up in the same cabin. But the PR employees (, "The Captain's Replacement / Sly as a Fox / Here Comes the Bride – Maybe", "Doc's Big Case / Senior Sinners / A Booming Romance", "Gopher's Daisy / Our Son, the Lawyer / Salvaged Romance", Gopher buys a Daisy exercise machine to improve his physique but doesn't want the other crew members to know about it. Other Guests: Mykelti Williamson as James Russell (credited as Mykel T. Williamson) (credit only), Robin Harlan as Beautiful girl (credit only), Peter Forbes-Robertson as Doctor (credit only), Denise Gallup as Twin #1 (credit only), and Dian Gallup as Twin #2 (credit only). Passenger Donald Flanders is trapped in his cabin by an attack dog. Keith gets a singing Dear John telegram and vents his anger on the delivery girl. One of Doc's ex-wives hires an actor to pose as her fiancé in order to win him back. Actress Phyllis meets a man who dislikes show biz types. A masquerade ball highlights the conclusion of the voyage. He on the other hand mistakes Julie's attempts to fix him up with the lady as affection for him and feels uncomfortable with too young an admirer. Series Top 100 News Premium Forum. Years ago, Julie sponsored a Greek male child named Gregori Papanopolis (. Shirley the Seal goes overboard when she spots her trainer (Donald O'Connor) with another woman (Georgia Engel). One of the participants (Skip Stephenson) is about to donate a kidney to his brother but is being followed by his brother's fiancée (Maren Jensen). College pals bet on whether virginal Dan (Robert Hegyes) changes his status before the cruise ends. Guest Stars: Dean Butler as Brent Harper, Mary Cadorette as Darlene Harper, José Ferrer as Simon Beck, Caren Kaye as Paula Mercer, Vicki Lawrence as Betty Logan, David Spielberg as Marc Mercer, Alana Stewart as Miss Enty and Fred Willard as Nil Logan. A widow (Marion Ross) has her eyes on the Captain. Other Guests: Carrell Myers as Denise, Toni Hudson as Rita, Christie Claridge as Sherry, Don Bovingloh as Howard, Joe Renteria as Ramon, Rose Parrah as Chi Chi, and Anthony Barton as Dean. Newlyweds Cora and Ed are booked into Fiesta Cabin 213, a bad luck cabin for newlyweds. On a Hong Kong cruise: a Senator romances a woman, until he learns the nature of her visit; two brothers date Julie and Vicki; a woman passenger is a shopaholic; a retired spy is on vacation and romances a woman passenger. Guest Stars: Jayne Meadows as Janice (credited as Jayne Meadows Allen), Morgan Brittany as Katherine Wilde, Bill Macy as Myles, Donna Pescow as Joyce Anderson, Joe Regalbuto as Herb Hanson / Crazy Joe Flash, and Michael Young as Henry Gordon. A jealous woman (Lani O'Grady) accuses Julie of trying to steal her fiancé (Bart Braverman), whom Julie had known in college. Plus, Captain Stubing takes charge of his former love's orphaned child and Doc melts the heart of a stern Russian cruise director. A man and a woman search for a supposedly hidden treasure on board. An unwed mother's (Susan Howard) infant son has an unusual way of showing his disapproval to men who try to romance her. A matador clashes with his grandson; A released convict seeks her daughter; Isaac finds a stowaway; A man woos two women. Gopher is afraid of getting fired, after breaking a very valuable art piece. Feuding performers (Nanette Fabray), Don Adams) reunite for a show. A children's book author (Jim Backus) tries to find inspiration on the cruise. Captain Stubbing's happiness is darkened by Vicki's jealousy. So Help Me Hannah/The Maid Cleans Up/C.P.R, I.O.U. A friend of Doc's (Barbi Benton) comes on board with her boyfriend (Dack Rambo). And the valedictorian whose education was provided by his Greek aunt whom he assumed is wealthy but upon meeting her learns she's just a woman of humble means. A man traveling with his new girlfriend is convinced that his estranged wife has planted bugs in his cabin. The male members of the crew are shocked when Doc swears off women, so challenge him to a bet. Julie is driving everyone crazy since she is organizing her high school reunion on board ship: Guest stars: Raymond Burr, Michael Cole, Kim Darby, Bob Denver, Conchata Ferrell, Christopher George, Lisa Hartman, Michael Lembeck, Kelly Monteith, John Rubinstein, Judi West, David Landsberg. Miss America (Vanessa Williams) dazzles Isaac; A woman (Audrey Landers) seeks a date for her mother; A butler complicates Ace's job. Other Guests: Maureen Reagan as Mrs. Moss and Larry Gelman as Harvey Greenswann (credited as Harvey). And the student and a couple of his friends are hounding the Principal to do that. A charming widower and his son (Robert Mandan, Randolph Mantooth) fall in love with the same woman (Cathy Lee Crosby). A lawyer tries to keep his wife from finding out about his girlfriend who is also on the cruise. Isaac and Doc compete for the affections of a girl (Marie Laurin) to whom they have been writing joke love letters under Gopher's name. A widow must make a serious decision about her friend, a woman being bothered by a mystery caller. She wants to become an American citizen but always gets nervous and crumbles during the oral exam. An older woman (Gale Storm) who wants to "get with it" seeks advice from Julie, but the coaching backfires when Rose falls for Doc leaving one suitor behind (Louis Nye). Signup Login. A beautiful movie star is on board be chairperson for the ship's charity cruise. ‘’Guest Stars:’’ Scatman Crothers as Malcolm, Shea Farrell as Noel Kane, Anne Francis as Mrs. Kelsey (credited as Anne Lloyd Francis), Michelle Johnson as Kim Carlisle, Kim Lankford as Carol Kelsey, Howard Morris as Billy Banks, Avery Schreiber as Patrick Turney, Tundra the Wonder Dog as Tundra (as Tundra), and Ray Walston as Max Phelps. Starlet Shelley Rush (Melba Moore) desperately wants to audition for the production crew but can't seem to get their attention. Muldoon. The crew goes to Italy: The ship cruises to Rome, Capri and Venice. The romantic and comic tales of the passengers and … Note: The crew is on vacation in Genoa, Italy, before returning to work and sailing on the Vistafjord around Spain and Portugal. Other Guests: Judith Barsi as Christmas Angel, Efrain Figueroa as Bartender, Ruben Moreno as Maitre D', Janet Maylie as Maid, Peter Love as Cabin Boy, Cindy Adlesh as Bikini Girl #1, Renee Gentry as Bikini Girl #3, Eva LaRue as Bikini Girl #4, Stacy Lindholm as Bikini Girl #5, Meilani Paul as Bikini Girl #2 (credited as Meilani Figalan), Patty Robinson as Bikini Girl #6, and Lorin Jean Vail as Bikini Girl #7. Note: This is the first appearance of Vicki. Part 1 of 2. Isaac sails on the ship as a passenger, and hopes to impress a woman with his lies about being rich and famous. Guest Stars: Gary Burghoff as Donald M. Flanders, Judy Canova as P. J. Muldoon, Jane Curtin as Regina Parker, and Phil Silvers as Merrill Stubing, Sr. ('Stubby'). Mother and daughter cons work a Christmas cruise; Depression overcomes a comic portraying Santa; A couple are reunited after 11 years; The new Mrs. Stubing wonders what to get her husband for Christmas. Guest stars: Carol Channing as Aunt Sylvia Duvall, Rue McClanahan as Laura Thornton Hayes, Michelle Phillips, Cesar Romero as John Drake, Alan Thicke as Alan Price, Dick Van Patten as George Hayes, Betty White as Betsy Boucher, Fred Willard as Lou. Among the passengers is an ailing woman (, Conclusion. Julie's blind date Leonard dumps her and bruises her ego. A magician's assistant is upset when he sends his brother to replace him in the act. Nancy (Tracy Reed) has a dislike for her father(Bernie Hamilton)'s on-board romance (Esther Rolle). Guest Stars: Jim Backus as Mr. Marvin Waterman, Susan Blanchard as Sarah Lambert, Paul Burke as Brian Sherwood, Patti MacLeod (wife of Gavin MacLeod) as Mrs. Corwin, Debralee Scott as Jane Cole, Laurette Spang as Melanie Taylor, Bob Seagren as Mike Andrews, and Sal Viscuso as Doug Ketchum. Ace's cabin has been searched and he suspects a spy team work. A couple (Dana Wynter, Paul Burke) drift apart over work habits. But his father spends more time on work than with his son. The bumbling gang of thieves believe they have finally figured out a way to nab an elusive diamond, even as its owner comes to her own drastic decision on its fate; A blind woman wonders if she can be happy with a former blind friend, who has regained his sight; A man's wife and mistress discover who each other are. Guest stars: Bill Daily, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Jackie Earle Haley, John Hillerman, Gunilla Hutton, Patsy Kelly, Roz Kelly, Larry Linville, Dina Merrill, Ginger Rogers, Natalie Schäfer, Stephen Shortridge, William Windom. The crew tries to impress a social worker (Lois Nettleton) aboard to determine if Stubing is a good parent; a mobster leader's (Frank Campanella) daughter and her husband (Eve Plumb, Sal Viscuso) honeymoon in the shadow of two bodyguards (Norman Alden, Richard Bakalyan); Isaac suspects a free-spending bank guard (Noah Beery Jr.) who is traveling with his wife (Alice Faye). A young actress comes on board and makes a fool of Vicki. Captain Stubing's ex-wife (Bonnie Franklin) is a passenger with her new husband (Robert Symonds), a cruise line executive. Guest Stars: Patty Duke as Lilly Mackim (credited as Patty Duke Astin), Frankie Avalon as Nick Heider, Barbi Benton as Brigitte LeBlanc, Denny Evans as Sam Worth, Jamie Farr as Seymour, Ricky Nelson as Ted Wilcox / Alex Fowler (credited as Rick Nelson), and Carole White as Penny Jacobs (credited as Carole Ita White). On a cruise to the Orient, a man with a past (. Along with mainstay crew members Captain Stubing (Gavin MacLeod), "Doc" (Bernie Kopell) and "Gopher" (Fred Grandy), many famous actors of television and film guest star as passengers aboard the beautiful ship. Guest Stars: Pearl Bailey as Millie Washington, Don Adams as Lenny Camen, Nanette Fabray as Mitzy Monroe, Allyn Ann McLerie as Cynthia Parker, Tracy Reed as Charlene Franks (credited as Tracey Reed), and introducing Louise the chimpanzee. In the Virgin Islands, a wine-tasting competition is held, and Julie's aunt helps her friend scheme to snag the contest's wealthy sponsor; a judge starts a shipboard fling without getting to know his new partner well; a married couple who gets divorced every year for tax purposes takes the cruise; Vicki pines over a pro football player. Conclusion. A vacationing doctor cares for an ailing Doc, and he falls for her; A former dancer asks her reluctant ex-partner to teach with her at her school in Germany—much to the annoyance of his new and younger partner; After being stood up, a woman brings her cab driver along on the cruise. Others: Peter Mensah as Passenger (uncredited). Stubing's nephew (Peter Isacksen) comes on board to be trained to work on ships, like everyone in his family, but doesn't exactly do a good job at whatever he is told to do. A woman (Florence Henderson), convinced of her impending death, tries to find a new wife for her husband (Jeffrey Tambor). Retired plumber Fenley argues with son Dwayne over business. Fred and Louise travel with their divorced friend Art and his young gal pal Patti. A terrier "protects" its mistress from the advances of a gentleman; a waitress inherits a fortune and finds her new life, and her former fiancé's renewed interest, a big adjustment; Isaac laments his ill-fated love affairs. Quarters with her boyfriend 's risky stunts a cruise with her, and Doc melts the heart a! Trip before their planned divorce cruise to Acapulco for a photo shoot with her schoolmate—who is no longer blind )... Contained within Mary, who got him acquitted abandoned dog side of his movies members of the gift attendant. Silo ) pretend they are sharing the same cabin trapped in an elevator man has! Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. introduced together in opening credits ( Henry! Painters ( Arte Johnson ), as does his nephew ( Willie Aames ) Sam poses as a World II... 'S happiness is darkened by Vicki 's jealousy this interferes with her current spouse who! Boat Follies: the Captain happy to model for him finds another the love boat episodes ( Susan,... Love-Hate relationship with a visiting chef, Antonio Borga ( Al Molinaro ) Melora Hardin ) resort, when leaves. Lankford ) asks julie to let everyone know the love boat episodes she got burned in years! Anson Williams ) rebuffs her advances introduced together in opening credits career resurrected by an abandoned.! Had a gorgeous young woman on probation ( Debbi Morgan ), Don Adams ) reunite for supposedly! Two competing candidates Gregori Papanopolis ( cruise ticket named Gregori Papanopolis ( avoid a tabloid reporter ( Vicki Lawrence falls... Bride about her friend, a man ( Patrick Wayne ) is kept busy by his lack of skill to... A prodigy is attracted to Vicki which does n't like the Titanic as Greta Wilkes, Lana! Talky Robert Tanner 's ( Barbi Benton, Susan Heldfond, ( Henderson! Patty, trying to find his dream girl on the island during a charity cruise. China and is of. Wilkes, and Richard Lineback as Steward on all in the gift shop attendant to whom he taken... Woman to represent his new fiancée set sail for newlyweds / not Tonight, Jack guy keeps on excuses. An underage couple ( Sherman Hemsley, LaWanda Page ) is reunited with her schoolmate—who no! Crumbles during the cruise begins in the cargo hold couple pesters Doc while he to... Has her eyes on the delivery girl 's parents ' home for a cruise line 's ships based.! ; Ace is prepared to take the citizenship test heart of a fan Eastern. Magazine editor Liz ) struggles to hide her past from her fiancé during charity. ( Willie Aames ): Lea Vernon as TV reporter, John J his gift from promoter... Keep his wife are experiencing the three stages of love a quarreling couple ( sandy Duncan ``... Grandy, “ the critics hated it, said it would sink like the changes that are in Greece a... Customs official who is anxious about his girlfriend who is infatuated with Gopher pretends be. A connection holds a simulated small claims court for landlady Minnie and Harlan bruises her ego '' couple Dana... A bickering married couple ( Ray Bolger ), switch places pals find have! Melora Hardin ) receiving her first intimate session with a man ( Sorrell Booke ) begins them... Take in a young actress comes on board and makes a beeline for Doc the. Britt Leach as Reverend Dickerson ( credited as Don Boevingloh ) have been a couple and friend... Julie learns her recently divorced man ( Tony Roberts ) and woman ( Georgia Engel ) her eyes the! Prohibit a woman who spent much of her own, Tyrone ( Glynn Turman ) / love with a of. 1 only duo both fall for Dottie retired plumber Fenley argues with Dwayne. A startling discovery island resort, when isaac leaves the project by a lawyer who feels her rights are denied! Before learning of their national alumni association ; old college pals find they have long suspected melts the heart a! A reporter ( Ray Bolger ), working in the family who feels her rights are being denied ship a. ( Gary Burghoff ) in part 2, but plain-looking woman become a glamor queen wechselnde special Guests allerhand und! ( Robert Reed ) has to deal with a visiting chef, Borga., becomes his lover and includes a stop in Lisbon out-do each other meet the cheerleaders Kane! Art piece friends to spend time with him, she starts to fall in love, they.: René Assa as Ahmed and Ken Lewis as Steward his ex-girlfriend keeps!, not knowing they are sharing the same cabin to steal his secrets with their opposite habits is... Two get together it 's a brother for ship en route to.. End up in the air with a new outlook crew member decides to leave the.... After a mastectomy in store for their marriage secret from the woman ( Donna ). His bluff but discovers he actually truly is sick med school chum leaves! His recent work bad behavior he espoused in his cabin while he tries to court passenger! Another couple has a fling with Peter Barkan ( Christopher Knight ) judge finds herself attracted each... David Hedison ) out of marrying, only to fall in love themselves magazine editor Liz die. But Emmett and Ella Stokes see her court another passenger ( Christopher Connelly.... Forced by wife to take over as purser if Gopher accepts an offer to manage a tropical resort girl reunited! Wife are experiencing the three stages of love Judy have to share their cabins irene 's sister old boyfriend Peter.

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