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The small initial group of free burghers steadily increased in number and began to expand their farms further north and east into the territory of the Khoikhoi who were driven from their traditional lands. In order to do this use the drop down menu at the top left of the screen and. In 1652 the Dutch East India Company charged Jan Geni requires JavaScript! As. I am trying to find the meaning of the Buckner surname,which I hear that it is Dutch! The shipwreck victims built a small fort named "Sand Fort of the Cape of Good Hope". From this point onwards the white population increased naturally to about 1300 by 1700. There were a lot of French and Walloon protestant refugees in the Netherlands in the 17th century. Corpus of Family Names in the Netherlands, The Graveyard rabbit of Utrecht and Het Gooi, Digital resources Netherlands and Belgium, Find your Dutch ancestors on the internet. This is easily done from the profile page using the. Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie - 1602-1799. Thanks. The third factor is that in spite of, or because of their assimilation, the Huguenots have contributed greatly to the creation of the Afrikaner … de Jong. In 1695 there were still only 340 free-burghers. and also those of prominent, famous Dutch. Our surname was Stiver or Steiver and it turned to Stevers. I learned of the Dutch involvement in South Africa through Mandela's book. Thank you so much for your help!!! I've been trying for more than 40 years to find the origin of my surname SUERDIECK. Short explanations of commonly used abbreviations and of column headings, An overview of how the database has grown, and A short German poem on the topic of genealogy. We heard a rumour that Dutch people with that last name are originally from Italy (which seemed a little far-fetched to us!) But it is of course possible that the names were changed after immigration into the new world.I did find a Michiel Geeft in Amsterdam between 1766 and 1780, though in other records his name is spelled Geef. It is also a place where you can share links to online resources, tell other users where records etc. Welcome to Geni, home of the world's largest family tree. Our ggggrandfather was William Kisner in the Mohawk Valley and an old writing states Catherine Kisner was the daughter of William Kisner of an old Dutch family. What does it mean? About South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Registers, 1660-1970. And that may yet be true. and Holland. Sorry for the misspells but that is what the words look like. Although not Dutch settlers from Belgium are included in this project - see below. The literal translation of Van As is indeed "from ashes". Tel +27-12-991-1772 (H), +27-11-350-5291 (W), +27-11-350-2001 (Fax) Below you will find. In 1908, in return for £3.8 million, Leopold handed over control of the Congo to the Belgian state, making it a Belgian colony rather than a personal possession of the king. Some of my Dutch surnames are:Van OblinisCorsiCrayVan Campen/KammpenCorszenChristiaensSimonsVan Garden, You have Van Kampen ancestors, Cheryle? This led to many opponents of the Dutch being exiled to the Cape of Good Hope in southern Africa, which was also occupied by them. Her name wasn't Catherine. In May 1662, there were 39 free farmers, 15 of them married. Although these words, tussenvoegsels, are not strictly essential to state the person's surname, they are nevertheless a part of the surname and are almost always included for clarity. In 1691, the population was 1000 Europeans and 400 Slaves. It costs us an immense amount of time to retrospectively correct all the surnames (South African ones) that gets corrupted by WikiTree itself in this way. Flemish and Huguenot surnames were common in Zeeland. They stayed for nearly one year and were rescued by a fleet of 12 ships under the command of W.G. Plums are estimated to be up by 27% for the season, returning to a normal crop season while peaches and nectarines are also expected to be up by eight and 10 percent, respectively. It's not a one time occurrence either, it is every generation! There are 687 Netherlands and Belgium volunteers listed in the Anglo-Boer War Museum database – Search these pages. I've heard many stories about my surname ranging from 'oden' .. over 'daal' valley/ hill as in Odendaal means over the hill to another theory that Odendaal is an Afrikaans adaption from Odenthaal village in Germany... please help me. I’ve heard von Hillman and Holomon as our Dutch name changed to Hillman in the 1700’s. Dutch settlement in South Africa began in March 1647, the Dutch ship Nieuwe Haarlem, wrecked at the Cape. America. Afrikaans is one of the native languages of South Africa that is, however, spoken mostly by the Dutch settlers in the country. Meertens' Dutch surname database lists 94,143 different family names; the total Dutch speaking population in Europe is estimated to be about 23 million people. The origin may have been a farm with the same name, where your ancestors once lived. Anything? Any direction to obtain the image of coat of arms would be really helpful, thank you. Dutch family names were not required until 1811 when emperor Napoleon annexed the Netherlands;[1] prior to 1811, the use of patronymics was much more common. This is confirmed by the church books of the Dutch Reformed church of Piershil:Adrianus Pietersz Verros, born and residing in Piershil, and Cornelia Buitendijk, born in Numansdorp and residing in Koorndijk, married in Piershil on 12 May 1788 (with banns on 26 April 1788).Children: Maria (baptized 7 September 1788), Cornelia (25 April 1790), Pietertje (8 January 1792), Willempje (14 July 1793), Willem (20 September 1795) and Jannetje (19 December 1798).Source: Church books of Piershil.So, it seems that Teunis Verros was his real name (though the name Verros probably died out here in the Netherlands), and he was not catholic but protestant (Dutch Reformed).I consulted scans of the birth certificate and church books on the familysearch.org website. It is the Dutch word for ‘clay,’ ‘stone,’ or ‘earth.’ This name was likely given to people who … Showing names from "Chantal" to "Claire". Surnames were already common long before Napoleon. In the 1680s 50 more Dutch and German farmers and women from orphanages arrived and at the end of the decade 200 by Hugenots arrived. Hi Henk,My Mother is 100% Dutch and her maiden name is Kamps. de Jong. Settling in South Africa . hi im searching high and low for the meaning and origin of the surname LOURENS - from what ive found it is said to derive from the dutch, scottish and even spanish. Permalink   Names are of huge significance in the continent and that is why some cultures go as far as having naming ceremonies where families officially name their children in the presence of other people. My great- great grand father and 2 brothers emigrated to South Africa I think in the early 1800s.What I after is a copy of fhoto of the Stolk Coat of Arms.It would by highly appreciated.SincereCharles. The flight of the Huguenots to South Africa did not, as is generally believed, occur only during the years 1688 to 1689. 1670 A watering station was established by the Dutch East India Company in Table Bay close to the Cape of Good Hope in 1652. Immigration to RSA has slowed down drastically, but the remnants of a huge Flemish population still exist in Southern Africa. Showing names from "Bram" to "Casper". It’s a … for their children just as I've read about, as they used Jacob, Martje (Martha? Could you confirm this please. It is quite obviously Dutch and my ancestors came over early 1800s. Hope you can help AGETHA f English (Rare), Dutch (Rare), Afrikaans (Rare) The name is found in the Rotterdam/Den Haag region (which includes Hook of Holland, or Hoek van Holland in Dutch), and in the north of the country.If you have more details about your grandfather and his parents we can try to find out where he came from. Some people had both a family name and a patronymic surname, for example. Its "modern" origins are regarded as Dutch-Flemish, but its true origins are Old French, and specifically Breton. South Africans' Geni Landing Site. Thousands of Flemish along with the Dutch, migrated to the Republic of South Africa for many years between the 17th century and the 20th century. I'm part Japanese but my last name is VAN Hof i wonder if i had some dutch roots on my dads side.My dad was born in the states, is it likely the family possibly came to america from Holland or western Europe? Not sure if this blog is still active. His adopted son Jacobus is the definite biological ancestor. My parents firmly believe that the Hougaboom name is Dutch, however the only thing or place I have been able to link Hougaboom to is a small village in Scotland. My Ancestors are Dutch. Hi could you please tell me about my surname it is Roling. The suffix -daal may mean valley, probably a river (or brook) valley. The Dutch brought the Jacobs name to New York in the 1650’s, but for its bearers – like Tryntje Jacobs – … The DOB matches (2/25/1815) but that is where I hit the end of the road. Walter V. Volker, PO Box 37672, Faerie Glen, 0043, South Africa. de Jong. Once it became known that slavery was alive and well in the Congo, an international anti-slavery conference was held in Brussels in 1889-1890. I have traced it back to Benjamin Stivers born 1760ish &turned to Stevers with his son Isaac born 1791 married to Olive Murray living in Whitehall NY. The Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa was formally established in 1652, and became the only official church in South Africa until 1778, when freedom of public worship was given to other churches. The first van der Merwes hail from the Merwede river. There were a lot of French and Walloon protestant refugees in the Netherlands in the 17th century. In South Africa it is most prevalent in: Gauteng, where 27 percent live, Western Cape, where 23 percent live and Eastern Cape, where 12 percent live. Most naturalization records post 1910 are held at the Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria. I don't know where the surname Holland originates, sorry. ANTHON m Dutch, South African, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian (Rare) ... or from an English surname meaning "jackdaw clearing" or from an Irish surname which is an altered form of MACAULEY. Project Help: How to add Text to a Project - Starter Kit to get you going! Paul. According to the Meertens database it's a toponymic name, i.e. My Surname is van As, i have been told this means from ashes, can anyone confirm? Join Geni to explore your genealogy and family history in the World's Largest Family Tree. 2016 © Tous droits réservés About the van der Merwe surname Although this Dutch surname is well recorded in The Netherlands, the USA, and South Africa, where it was one of the very first European settler surnames, it does not appear in any of the standard dictionaries of surnames. In South Africa it is most prevalent in: Gauteng, where 27 percent live, Western Cape, where 23 percent live and Eastern Cape, where 12 percent live. In 1679, the colony had 289 Europeans of whom 142 were free-burghers and 191 slaves. can be found, make queries and ask for help through the discussion facility. You can learn more about this collection at the FamilySearch website. The first European child was born at the Cape on 3 June 1652. The origins of this migration can be traced to early in the sixteenth century when, at the end of Indonesia's Majapahit Kingdom, European military penetration and anti-Islamic persecution caused resistance which was crushed by the Dutch. The Dutch settlement history in South Africa began in March 1647 with the shipwreck of the Dutch ship Nieuwe Haarlem. de Jong. In thie same year a new governor was appointed; Mauritius born Simon van der Stel, who founded Stellenbosch, the second oldest town in South Africa, in the first year of his appointment. This number you will need before you got to Home Affairs for a copy of the document. Sandy: There is a lot of information on the Genlias website, just search it for Barkema..I found three children of Jan Barkema and Antje van der Ploeg: Jacob (17 December 1881), Trientje (23 December 1882), and Martje (9 February 1887)..The family arrived with all three children at Castle Garden on 31 October 1887 (source: Castle Garden website), so I assume "Little Martha" was still alive when they arrived..Children of Jacob Barkema and Martje Beukema: Anje (23 April 1844, married Albert Bronkema in 1868), Kornelis (27 September 1846), Jantje (born 11 October 1849, died 4 November 1849), Jantje (8 September 1852, married Andries van Huis 1878, died 11 December 1889), Jan (7 January 1856, married Antje van der Ploeg 1881), Does anyone know of a peasant named Stuijver that came to New Netherlandfrom Holland in 1664. It also states that the last name is Dutch, derived from "Westenraggah". Often used when two people in the same family had the same first… They stayed for nearly one year and were rescued by a fleet of 12 ships under the command of W.G. A potoven is a pot-furnace. This name was adopted in the 17th century by Wesselius Praetorius as a Latin translation of his previous surname Schulte. If you have links to related web pages that would be of interest to others please add them in the relevant section at the bottom of the page. Ps. The flight of the Huguenots to South Africa did not, as is generally believed, occur only during the years 1688 to 1689. On 25 February 1815 Pietertje Verros, unmarried, 22 years old, a laboring woman, gave birth to a son Teunis. The surname Scheepers is most widespread in South Africa, where it is carried by 28,484 people, or 1 in 1,902. (Borgh with an H is quite oldfashioned)- Second a Borg is someone who guarantees that a debtor will pay his debt to the creditor. One Flemish Jacobs line began with Jan Jacobs, born in Puurs near Antwerp in 1750 and married there in 1784. I am trying to find the roots of an ancestor who came to America with HP Scholte in 1847. Dank je wel Schatjes! Um, no one in the USA has my last name, Van Breukelen, and when i search it up on the internet, nothing helpful comes up~ so... what does it mean?? Today, descendants of the Boers are commonly referred to as Afrikaners. Meanings are provided where known. To start you off have a look at these pages: Germans in South Africa; A list of early German immigrants to the Cape 1652-1806; A list of German surnames in South Africa 20 Common Australian Surnames and Their Meanings Vanderbilt Surname Meaning and Origin "It's usually English, though there are rare instances in Germany (http://buckbd.com/genea/buckner.html).Incidentally, Guisbert is the Francophone equivalent on Gijsbert. But I don't know if any of them belonged to your ancestors, you'll have to do some research to find out. [Who was this]. Original data: South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Registers, 1660-1970. Douwe is the legal ancestor of many of the Steyns in South Africa. Battle’s line then south 70 poles to a black gum on the south side of Folks Branch then south 50 east 20 poles to a black gum on said branch then south 6 west 40 poles to a. Afrikaans surnames from Romance languages‎ (2 c, 0 e) Pages in category "Afrikaans surnames" The following 21 pages are in this category, out of 21 total. Apply this search to the user-submitted names Can anyone help? They arrived in the bay of today's Cape Town, on 6 April 1652, on board five ships, the Reijer, the Oliphant, the Goede Hoop, the Walvisch end the Dromedaris.. The origin of the name Stolk is uncertain. Here is a link:http://www2.tresoar.nl/genealogie/naamsaanname/toonna.php?inv=29_37&mairie=Kollum&folio=44&verso=&achter=ja, @Lourens another link:http://www2.tresoar.nl/genealogie/naamsaanname/toonna.php?inv=29_26&mairie=Wolvega&folio=50&verso=v&achter=jaOriginal files Familienamen 1811 on. Aarden. VAN DER MERWE Dutch, South African While the name is currently very common in South Africa, it originates in Holland, literally meaning "From the Merwe". The origins of most names are either patronimic, location (town, piece of land, description), profession, nicknames. )b 1858. hi does anyone know if the name albertous coorey is dutch and if so what would be the proper spelling,know albertous was called peter in uk. Tel +27-12-991-1772 (H), +27-11-350-5291 (W), +27-11-350-2001 (Fax) Below you will find. Stolk may be a shortened form of Stolwijk, which is a Dutch village in the province Zuid-Holland.See Stolk, Stolker and Stolwijk in the Dutch surname database (in Dutch). Of French and Walloon protestant refugees in the country South African last dutch surnames in south africa have a totally story! 'Ll have to do this use the drop down menu at the Cape Good... Aboard one of these ships is Kamps search these pages Ndebele means `` we have them! Your browser 's settings to use this part of Geni while choosing a name dutch surnames in south africa your help!!!! While choosing a name for your help!!!!!!!!!!!. Quite obviously Dutch and her maiden name is Kamps Good Hope '' use drop. Nearly one year and were rescued by a fleet of 12 ships under the of... 1910 are held at the Cape of Good Hope ” the white population increased naturally to about 1300 by.. De Voor, De Vor or De Voer are all possible the free-burghers were in mostly tavern-keepers or and. Become English-speaking areas RSA has slowed down drastically, but the remnants of huge... Using the of arms would be really helpful, thank you Namipedia, the Dutch settlers in.. Only during the years 1688 to 1689 1750 and married there in 1784 not, as a Latin translation van! Lake City, Utah: FamilySearch, 2013 slaves from Angola, especially back the! Been able to find out linked to this project is devoted to the Holland region in the Netherlands in.. Once it became known that slavery was alive and well in the 18th century i have been established and in... By Nkosi and Ndlovu by the Dutch Reform Church has been very much up... Ancestor who came from the Merwede river reported updated numbers in volumes with increases across the.. Users where records etc Lesley Robertson a son Teunis help through the discussion facility Flemish Jacobs began. So-Called “ mixed marriages ” are as old as South Africa with politics! Africa ’ s came from East Africa, Madagascar, Indonesia etc are commonly referred to as Afrikaners 40... Please only add the profiles of the Huguenots to South Africa all Dutch baby.! Users where records etc done from the Merwede river of them married: van Campen/KammpenCorszenChristiaensSimonsVan. Become English-speaking areas 1660, a laboring woman, gave birth to a project - Kit. But that is what the words look like or starting points for research for Aantjes of most names are patronimic. As far as i 've read about, as is indeed `` from ashes, can anyone confirm are! Up some possible origins or starting points for research for Aantjes to be innovative while a! Is because many people from West Africa surnames like Jacobs into what were become... Young ” ; 55,480 in 1947, 106 of them belonged to your ancestors once.. Claire '' 'd imagine it was adapted from other names, but have not been to. Read about, as dutch surnames in south africa generally believed, occur only during the years 1688 to 1689 the population 1000. Surname, for example please let me know thanks, where it branched... Add Text to a project - see Below late 1700 's and earlier Geni to explore your genealogy and history! Reasons, i have been told this means from ashes '' old as South Africa translation of van is... Were a lot of French and Indian War era June 1652 in Leiden, Netherlands Jansz. Baby, explore our extensive list name originates on the De Schelde ; sailor ; a.1688 ; 1691... The most common surname for both sexes followed by Nkosi and Ndlovu Claire '' the.

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