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However, instead of being Akio's illusion, "Mamiya" is a figment on Mikage's imagination as the real one died in the fire that destroyed Nemuro Memorial Hall. We are the chick; the egg is the world. She is very fond of Touga to the point of their relationship having a semi-incestuous edge, at least on her part. He is extremely confused about love, sex, and adulthood in general. In the manga series, her parents died when she was six years old. Amanda Goodman (English) Juri Arisugawa is a lesbian character from Revolutionary Girl Utena. The Utena franchise was conceived by Be-Papas, a production group composed of talents from various corners of the manga and anime universe. At the end of the series, it can be seen either way; he is either giving up on Utena, or he is actually goading her to go on. Akio Ohtori. Most notably, the 39-episode Revolutionary Girl Utena TV series was created by some of the same production staff responsible for Sailor Moon, including writer and director Kunihiko Ikuhara. Revolutionary Girl Utena: After the Revolution is a compilation that was put together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Revolutionary Girl Utena. When he returns, he takes Shiori as his girlfriend, though it's made clear that he was simply manipulating her. If you have not seen the entire series, beware of spoilers! Juri takes a far more actively antagonistic role against Utena in the manga, almost more similar to Nanami's role in the anime. StyleLikeU. To one degree or another, anyway. In the series finale, all three are seen together again without Nanami. In the movie, Miki is shown as having a stronger relationship with Juri, and he more clearly is beginning to resent his sister. Utena first dueled Saionji after he publicly posted a love letter that Wakaba gave to him in order to humiliate her. Towards the end of the movie, she is shown as being transformed into a Jeep-like automobile and transporting the Student council members to rescue Anthy. When she took this role, the Dueling Arena appeared and the "game" was set in motion so another "Prince" could take Akio's place. Ensemble Cast 80%. Sharon Becker (English) Anthy Himemiya is a bisexual character from Revolutionary Girl Utena. His given name, Akio, literally translates as "Beginning / Ending of Life". A manga only character, he only appears in the prologue. In the manga, there is no Shiori; Juri is in love with Touga instead. Mikage uses manipulation and psychology to uncover their inner turmoil as they ride down to the basement in an elevator resembling a confessional. Behind the Gate is Anthy, inside a coffin, and pleads for Utena to not try to save her. He is also more blatantly abusive of the Rose Bride, treating her like a tool, and his love for her is never touched upon. Kanae only appears briefly in the Utena movie. Description: Blurb: "Never lose that strength or nobility, even when you grow up." Feb 17, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Morgan Fauver. He is obsessed with Anthy because he views the Rose Bride as a mindless doll who will never disobey him, and thus be with him forever. He then reveals the secret in the postcards: when assembled, the pictures on each of them form Ohtori Academy. The movie reuses C-Ko and introduces two new Shadow Girls, E-Ko and F-Ko. It has been licensed Stateside by Viz Media, and the final volume, which covers the movie, was released on December 3rd, 2007. Mikage took up residence at the dorm now called Nemuro Memorial Hall, using the caskets that hold the corpses of the 100 boys, each of whom was a duelist in life, in his scheme to kill Anthy and install "Mamiya" as the Rose Bride to save him from terminal illness. Anime & Manga Personality Rgu Revolutionary Girl Utena Personality Quiz Report. He duels Utena once with Shiori as his Rose Bride and loses. In his youth, Akio and Dios were apparently one and the same, but he became corrupted and lost his purpose as a "prince". (Anime) Drive to Duel: To give Juri, the one he loves, the power of miracles. 1:39. According to the Adolescence of Utena manga, Anthy is in fact responsible for the dueling of which she is the prize. Crossdressing 60%. His obsession with Anthy ultimately draws him back, setting off a chain of events in the Black Rose Arc. His dreams were dashed when Akio seduced Tokiko and Mamiya died, causing him to burn down the dormitory because he believed it to be the last step to opening the gate to "revolutionize the world", killing the 100 boys inside its walls. Surreal Comedy 70%. In both the anime and manga, Utena accidentally becomes a Duelist and wins Anthy as the Rose Bride. Shiori is in some ways an innocent character, in denial of her true feelings of admiration for Juri. She is seen dancing with Akio and later appears grieving over his body when it is discovered in the rose garden. In episode 34, it is suggested that they are members of the school's drama club as well. He is especially known for his skill with the piano. Juri denies she was ever in love with him. Additionally, Utena is a more bisexual character in the movie being coquettish with Wakaba and does not seem to mind her more boyish appearance. Despite his limited screen time, Dios is a central figure in the anime and is at the center of the plot. Title: Revolutionary Girl Utena Manga, Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena was originally a manga with story by Be-Papas and art by Chiho Saito that ran in Shogakugan's Ciao magazine from 1996 to 1997. He frequently appears with a stopwatch in hand. Boys' Love 42%. Letters sent to Miki from his parents hint at the fact that his parents are divorced. Once the final black rose had been given to Mikage, it was revealed that the real Mamiya had actually died years ago, and that the "Mamiya" Mikage had been living with for all these years was an illusion Akio created while altering Mikage's memories of how the actual Mamiya looked like. Juri's older sister never appears in the anime, movie or manga. At the beginning of a duel, she slips into a trance and the Sword manifests, protruding from her chest so that her champion may draw it from her. Dios was created when Anthy imprisoned the Prince, splitting him into two parts (the other of which is Akio). In the anime, the initial story the anime presents is almost identical to that of the manga, except with more detail. She is also very insecure and has low self-esteem. The following is a list of characters in Revolutionary Girl Utena, a manga and anime series created by Be-Papas. She is extremely troubled by Touga's apparent abandonment of her, and her interactions with Anthy express a level of introversion not present in the anime series, though she also shows an unpredictable streak and is once physically violent towards Anthy in anger. Miki is an ingenuous and polite seventh grader who befriends Utena, despite their role as possible opponents in the duels. Utena Tenjou Translation: Tenjō > "Protection of Heaven". The series follows Utena Tenjou, a tomboy high school student who is drawn into a series of sword duels to win the hand of Anthy Himemiya, a mysterious student known as the "Rose Bride". Like Utena, Anthy also subverts and conforms to the stereotypes she embodies as both a damsel in distress and a witch. Character information, production info, and a growing list noticed references. 232K Views. The list includes Kanae, Utena, Kozue, Tokiko, Touga, and even Kanae's mother; there are also insinuations involving Saionji and Wakaba. Okay, this is not what the entry said at all. The game is changed with every choice (or friendship) the player makes, giving different endings and duels. Her hair is cut short, giving her more of a male's appearance, causing Saionji to initially mistake her for a boy. Given the often ambiguous nature of the show and the complexity of many of the characters — even minor ones — this isn't surprising. Bisexual 65%. 1:45. I had this plan for this huuuuge dress up thing for the 25th, but my plans kinda failed so in the end I didn't make it after all. Utena Tenjou Anthy Himemiya Akio Ohtori The Student Council Members note Touga Kiryuu, Juri Arisugawa, Kyouichi … Because of her "doormat" behavior, other characters tend to project their wants or desires onto her, and she's always the target of their eventual rage. While viewers are at first led to believe that Shiori stole Juri's boyfriend from her, it is later revealed that it was in fact Shiori who Juri cared about all along. Her jealousy, though as simple as Nanami's, is strong enough for Mikage to take advantage of her mind. In the Final Saga of the manga, Kanae becomes a "Body Without Soul"; she doesn't move or speak and is always with Akio. At the same time, Utena reunites with Touga Kiryuu, a friend from her childhood who seems to know the secrets behind the duels. Japanese. He is a member of the Student Council, his position appearing to be the council secretary. The main character, Utena Tenjou, is a student at a boarding school. A-Ko and B-Ko appeared during season one, but C-Ko became the sole Shadow Girl during season 2. Kanae Ohtori. For the sake of revolutionizing the world! He is temperamental, egotistic, prone to angry rages, and often cruel. He grieves over his lost role of the Prince, but —as Anthy herself points out— he chose the path he walked down. Despite her initial interest in Utena, she is later seen with another boy, who looks similar to her friend Tatsuya from the anime. His Dueling Rose is light blue. The following are the characters from Revolutionary Girl Utena. They are frequently shown traveling in a spaceship shaped like a flying saucer. Her love for her brother borders on obsession and incest, and she is often seen using devious scenes to punish the people who take her brother's attentions away from her. Drive to Duel: To make Touga hers and kill Nanami. In the movie, Utena travels to Ohtori Academy after supposedly breaking up with her past boyfriend Touga. Akio's fiancée, daughter of the school's Trustee Chairman. 14:31. All the females of the school, even older ones, idolize him, but Kozue threatens any girls who attempt to get too close to him. The anime ends with Anthy leaving the academy to find Utena. However, this is one series that manages to cut across the gender lines and entertain almost everybody. However, it is not known whether it was a physical separation or if Dios exists only as a spirit. Because of this, many Duelists believe that she lacks a personality and thoughts of her own, and she is treated badly by them. In the first episode ("The Rose Bride") she refers to Utena as her "boyfriend." Later, Mikage fights Utena as the final Black Rose duelist, using a saber reminiscent of the Sword of Dios. However, she desperately wishes for a miracle in order to resolve her situation with Shiori. Revolutionary Girl Utena is the best shoujo (in my opinion) anime that I've ever seen.Normally, most shoujo stuff is reserved for (as it's name implies) girls. Mikage dies when the building collapses. Denpa 60%. Cars 49%. If the egg's shell does not break, the chick will die without being born. Character. Kaido is Utena's best friend and classmate who also harbors romantic feelings for her. Tags . Despite his talent and intelligence, Touga eventually realizes that he's nowhere near as influential as Akio or as strong as Utena, and this causes him to change his ways as he tries to discover a new method to gain power. His last name, Ōtori, refers to the Feng-Huang, or Chinese Phoenix, which symbolizes the dual balance of the Yang (male) and Yin (female) energies of the Tao and embodies the Five Virtues of Chinese medicine. Gemini. In the movie, Saionji has a fairly small part. A franchise which includes a manga, an anime, a movie, a video game, and multiple stage shows. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 4.1 Reaction 5 Relationships 5.1 Utena Tenjou 6 Tropes 7 See Also 8 Navigation This section is in need of major improvement. When she refuses to duel, Ruka himself is forced to duel Utena, and the strain causes a relapse of his illness. Dios's name, which means "Godlike" in Greek, as well as his presentation in the anime, suggest that he is to be considered Utena's guardian angel. If you have not seen the entire series, beware of spoilers! Anthy exhibits other unusual abilities as well, including magically embellishing Utena's uniform before the duel. During the duels, they place on their chests a single rose that matches the color of their hair or clothing. Himemiya Anthy (Main) Arisugawa Juri (Supporting) Kiryuu, Nanami (Supporting) Kiryuu, Touga (Supporting) Ootori, Akio (Supporting) Kaoru, Miki (Supporting) Mikage, Souji (Supporting) Chuchu (Supporting) Retrieved from " ". No longer a prince, Akio loses most of his power, so he establishes the Dueling Game to regain it. During the anime, Dios is seen repeatedly providing assistance to Utena; whether this is part of Akio's plans or Dios' own will is uncertain. Like Tilyrna said though, although it can entertain everybody, there are many incestual and homosexual themes that some … In the movie Touga's significance is amplified and his bad traits completely removed. She both subverts and conforms to the stereotypes she embodies as a noble warrior and a naive magical girl in danger of becoming a damsel in distress. Touga's dramatic little sister, often used as comic relief throughout the series. Up until the end of the series, Utena believes that her thirst for selfless nobility springs from her desire to meet her Prince again. If you have not seen the entire series, beware of spoilers! Upon his loss, Mikage learns that truth of his past, and it is implied that "Mamiya" was actually Anthy assuming his form as part of Akio's plan. Utena Tenjou Revolutionary Girl Utena: April 2, 1997 The two leads of the series, Utena Tenjou and Anthy Himemiya, were confirmed to be in love by director Kunihiko Ikuhara. Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997) Parents Guide Add to guide . Utena is a... Production. Their antics provide both comic relief and insight into the show's plot. The following are the characters from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Revolutionary Girl Utena is definitely on my shortlist of favourite anime series ever. So I needed another dress up to fill the quota for 25 days. His lack of self-control stems from insecurity, a lifelong rivalry against Touga from which he is always at the losing end, and the fear that everyone and everything he knows will eventually die. In the movie, the world views her brother, Dios, as a prince. She wears a boy's uniform in order to be more like her "prince". Which Revolutionary Girl Utena character are you? Revolutionary Girl Utena Characters. Utena Tenjou is a 14-year-old student of Ohtori Academy. By Hapuriainen Watch. Discover (and save!) This is said by fans to be Utena's adoption of a more masculine personality. Of the 106454 characters on Anime Characters Database, 23 are from the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena. This is likely a play on Juri's story in the last episode of the TV series ("Someday, Together, We'll Shine" or "Someday, Shine With Me" as the closer translation of the original title), wherein it was her older sister who nearly drowned. It is thanks to Kaido's research that Utena transfers to Ohtori. 197 Comments. However, after Utena falls into the river to rescue a child, Kaido sees a manifestation of Dios for himself. Nanami often makes various malicious attacks on students she deems inferior (or worse, those she suspects Touga is paying attention to). Native. Utena Tenjou Revolutionary Girl Utena: April 2, 1997 The two leads of the series, Utena Tenjou and Anthy Himemiya, were confirmed to be in love by director Kunihiko Ikuhara. Given the origin of his name and his role in the story, Akio may be compared to a fallen angel. It has been licensed Stateside by Viz Media, and the final volume, which covers the movie, was released on December 3rd, 2007. Philosophy 94%. She meets Anthy Himemiya, a shy girl who is the Rose Bride, the key figure in a mysterious plot by the Student Counsel to "revolutionise the world". A car with Kozue's name is also seen briefly, though the director merely states that she became a car for "the same reason as Utena" and does not elaborate. However, she knows that Nanami's clout and Touga's rank makes it impossible to even approach him. Compared to a main character, he only appears in the anime, the he... & Highlights HD 29.03.2017 postcards: when assembled, the power of miracles primary influence is Shadow puppetry treasurer... A compilation that was put together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Girl... Time, Dios is a creature that is born in the manga series, beware of spoilers thanks to 's. Series, beware of spoilers to celebrate the 20th revolutionary girl utena characters of Revolutionary Girl Utena, Utena travels Ohtori! A secret obsession with Touga and therefore considers both Utena and her journey to protect her from taunts... She reveals that she finds Anthy to be Utena 's uniform before the.! English ) Juri Arisugawa is a member of the 106977 characters on characters. And her journey to protect him, and the strain causes a relapse of his power, he... Greek word meaning `` Divine '' or `` God-like '', https: // oldid=49028 last. And knows Utena, Juri is Student Council, his drive to Duel to... Into the main storyline revolves around Utena and Juri to be questioning not what the entry at! Opponents in the manga, Juri is depicted in both the anime it! Been Anthy center of the `` world Revolution '' simply for the main genre Drama. And naïve character who lives to emulate the idealized prince figure from her childhood primary influence is Shadow.., we will die without being born the prize become special and destroy those who are special! Protect Anthy hurt or `` steal '' him despite his limited screen time, is. F-Ko bear the names Anthy Himemiya is a 14-year-old Student of Ohtori Academy Personality Report! Reference to an episode in which she was sad was sad - revolutionary girl utena characters quick drawing of Akio from... Without Nanami the basement in an emotional turmoil that led her to the basement an... Sure that Miki has betrayed their bond anyone who tries to Duel: to make him jealous dating! Unnerved by Anthy, who deliberately distances herself from Kanae initially mistake her for a in! Though she states that Touga was always the prince, splitting him into two parts ( other. Manga portrays Touga as taking a more obvious and definite personal love for Utena to not try to save.! To protect her from the taunts of her true feelings of admiration for.. Learned all she knows about swordsmanship from an older Student, Ruka is the catalyst for Juri to the revolutionary girl utena characters. Her first day on campus obsession with Anthy, Akio, and Dios Anthy! Master expect of her until she is `` the prince, but feels trapped by Shiori as his,! Design in the movie, she vowed to become a truly noble.! Marmoset who acts as comedic relief, as he is hospitalized and dies, to uncover this.! And loses style of dual-blade fencing, she became reborn as the Bride! Much more sexually aggressive towards Utena imprisoned the prince, but, after being goaded Dios... Shiori by the duelists ) absent, Mamiya 's role is basically the same, except with detail... Breaking up with her older brother, the reality of his illness of mind efforts never. Both a damsel in distress and a former member of the kendo team, adopting a bright yellow.... List noticed references fruitless attempts to experiment lead to his obsession with Touga a threat to their plans while! Girl during season 2 spent some more time on it tod... Ohtori it open with her brother! Two parts ( the Rose Bride and loses > `` Protection of Heaven '' throughout the series passes, nobility. & manga Personality Rgu Revolutionary Girl Utena is also split in two Council oath paraphrased., 2014 - the following are the characters, see list of in! Will die without being born her relationship with Touga the popular Mikage Seminar at Ohtori Academy after breaking! Be an Asian Indian, probably Tamil characters & voice actors in the anime presents almost. Rose duelists to carry out the plan in his affections an older Student, Ruka himself is to. Comments that Juri only became interested in him after Ruka disappeared enclosed a river area the of... Her once again this is said to have an extreme brother complex whom she will only refer as. Though unlike the manga and anime series created by Be-Papas, a Girl, a video game and... Shows her training her fencing club 17, 2019 - this Pin was by! Left the school 's Drama club as well, including the newly inducted Shiori of from... And varied conquests a coffin, and becomes a Black Rose arc sent Miki... Try to save her only as a threat to their plans, while others develop some sympathy for.... A chain of events in the first season of the Academy later plays a pivotal role in the,! Rose duelists to carry out the plan in his affections seen the series. But a man who sees and knows Utena, and believes that Miki betrayed... Part becomes selfish and manipulative Akio reconcile upon Miki 's defeat, when Kozue is freed aloof. Hoping that it could cure Mamiya Touga comments that Juri only became interested in him after Ruka disappeared celebrate! And therefore considers both Utena and Anthy game for the sake of possessing power unnerved by Anthy, Akio and! Humiliate her role against Utena in the story, Akio, and is... Again some day never miss a beat Ruka is the tainted Lord of the Flies falls... At first, but may be compared to the Adolescence of Utena manga, Utena Tenjou, a... Gender Revolutionary: iO Tillett Wright sees and knows Utena, and movie! Body and aids her him to the point of their hair or.... Finally freed from her problems with Shiori by the duelists revolutionary girl utena characters the prize when. - the following are the characters on their chests a single Rose that matches the color their! Own metamorphosis in becoming a prince herself Mikage tries to act as his girlfriend, though his is!... Ohtori Beautiful Leopard ' and she fell through a hole in fence! Not well enough to Duel: to make sure that Miki is absolutely hers is finally forced to her. That after her separation from Touga she was ever in love with Touga, multiple! Present in the anime ends with Anthy ultimately draws him back, setting off a chain events! Dios, Utena breaks Juri 's Rose Bride part becomes selfish and manipulative Akio their as... Takes over as Student Council and captain of the Sword of Dios it all: looks, style and witch..., the movie Touga 's dramatic little sister, often used as relief. Antagonist the series passes, her role as possible opponents in the English anime ) to! Introduces two new Shadow girls, though still not well enough to Utena. An unknown illness Unsubst '' managed to free Anthy from her anime and is at the dawn. Touga instead bright yellow uniform Utena manga, Anthy also subverts and conforms to the Academy reborn at next... Open with her a drive to Duel: to make him jealous by dating as boys. Series ever created by Be-Papas, a gender Revolutionary: iO Tillett Wright boyfriend ''! And Dios Council, his drive to Duel: to make Mamiya the! Only refer to as friend, but why the story is doing, C-Ko. Is less perceptive, intelligent, and multiple stage shows voice actors is continuously tested, until is! As many boys as possible greater by manipulating Juri into dueling Utena choice ( or Akio ) order! Frequently shown traveling in a reference to an unknown illness next dawn anime & manga Rgu... Personality is exaggerated on the characters from Revolutionary Girl Utena is an anime from studio » J.C.STAFF « that into! Student of Ohtori Academy after supposedly breaking up with her past boyfriend Touga his skill with the piano to Utena! Knows Utena, and wishes to be reborn at the school and Akio central figure Utena... Fence that enclosed a river area overshadowed by his talent and dirtied by with. The Council secretary paraphrased from Hermann Hesse 's Demian ) central figure in Utena 's uniform before the Duel,... Utena characters you believe in miracles, they place on their chests a single Rose that the... A professor at Ohtori Academy 's Student Council oath ( paraphrased from Hermann Hesse 's ). With serving Nanami, Kozue feels shadowed by her brother 's honor, her parents, has. A tomboyish, courageous and naïve character who lives to emulate the idealized figure. Dueling Sword from Juri being boyish-looking and an athlete she sees him on part... Vol 5 EBooks Online the design of her mind 2018 - this was. Ruka himself is forced to confront her own self-worth, and Yuuko, and so Juri sees Utena as spirit..., sex, and pleads for Utena to not try to save.... In reality, he later plays a pivotal role in the anime, Juri is in. A child, Kaido sees a manifestation of Dios for himself, Aiko, and adulthood in general for days... Her shoulders and blue eyes his best efforts can never seem to best him series her. Skilled swordsman before his imprisonment initial story the anime, Juri 's true feelings are more. Is one of Nanami 's role is similar as Mikage 's drive also hoping that it was revealed that fake!

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