are ravenpaw and barley in love

I really do love him. Barley almost laughed, Ravenpaw was always really enthusiastic about hunting. Ravenpaw is content with his life on the farm with Barley. But every so often, his past as a Clan cat has occasionally called back to him – and now it has once more. He snuggled closer to Ravenpaw and purred. Barley and Ravenpaw had so many traveling guests, that they always had a moss store to make nests. Shop Ravenpaw x Barley warriors masks designed by TangletallonMeow as well as other warriors merchandise at TeePublic. ravenpaw and barley!! my first warriors ship :] [dont repost] ravenpaw and barley!! (PS: The mun has not read a Warriors book in a long time. by HarperCollins. In this novella from the world of Erin Hunter’s #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series, follow Ravenpaw on his final adventure. After a little encouragement Ravenpaw agrees to bring them to a clan the fifth clan, Skyclan. "No, I know you love Tigerstar,"Barley meowed, looking down at the ground. He flashed his teeth at the cats, and Ravenpaw shared a look with Tigerstar. I just really love these two, you know... #warrior cats #warriors #warriors fanart #ravenpaw #barley #barley x ravenpaw #I love these two okay #wcadvent Warrior Cats Crow Feather Old Fan Love Warriors Three Cats Light In The Dark Panther Good Books Nerdy. save hide report. Barley stretched out in the patch of sun to fill his tummy. [ I really wished he had survived! He stands up from his dead body and walks off into the shadows, towards warm sunshine and the scent of prey. This novel follows Ravenpaw's last adventure in the Warriors series. "Sweet dreams," said Barley. IT'S CANON! Ravenpaw and Barley. One of my favorite things about Ravenpaw's Farewell is that the author did not shy away from the implication that Barley and Ra This book broke my heart. He knows that leaving the warrior clans was the right choice, and he appreciates his quiet days and peaceful nights with his best friend, Barley. Barley hadn't been sure what to think of the young black tom when he arrived. This novella is a sweet and sad story. Ravenpaw immediately located the scent of several plump mice in the barn, any would surely become a juicy meal. This was beautiful and I loved it so much 5/5. "Barley!" . barley gay lgbt ravenpaw warriorcats pridemonth2019 A more experimental piece I made for an upcoming speedpaint! .. Answer: kupd said: ravenpaw, who loves barley alot! But every so often, his past as a Clan cat has occasionally called back to him – and now it has once more. But when five rogue cats from Twolegplace come to the barn seeking shelter, Ravenpaw's new life is threatened. Tigerstar x Ravenpaw: A Love & Hate Relationship Chapter 1: Appearence. my favorite characters are Spottedleaf and Honeyfern!!!!! Two glowing eyes were staring at him. Feel free to ask multiple questions per visit, as we don't get visitors very often. I might try and simplify these later after I've drawn them 11000 times idk ravenpaw wc ravenpaw wc barley tigerclaw wc tigerclaw warriors warrior cats wc designs. Nov 22, 2017 - Ravenpaw and barley like father and son | Warriors<<<

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