orchestrating mathematical discourse

Güçler, B. 2009). Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 18(3), 253–272. Together, these four lessons constituted the case that was investigated for this study. responses that the teacher almost provided for them—thus sharing little information about students’ thinking. We report on classroom discourse about students’ solution methods in four analytic geometry lessons in higher secondary school. This study reports on the first stages of classroom discourse development of one Dutch higher secondary school mathematics teacher who had no prior experience in including classroom discourse in her teaching practice. 2017; Ryve 2011). The convergent actions show a decreasing trend. Star, J. R., & Verschaffel, L. (2017). Fig. Feb 08, 2021. ORCHESTRATING PRODUCTIVE MATHEMATICAL DISCUSSIONS 315 promoting productive disciplinary engagement to explain how the practices work ... ics in part by helping students learn mathematical discourse practices (e.g., Chapin, O’Connor, & Anderson, 2003; … Ryve, A. Orchestrating Mathematical Classroom Discourse About Various Solution Methods: Case Study of a Teacher's Development Author(s): Kooloos, C ; Oolbekkink, H. ; Kaenders, R ; Heckman, G How do students benefit from having their answers evaluated by their peers? Michaels, S., & O’Connor, C. (2015). The patterns of interaction shifted away from patterns in which the teacher alternates turns with a single student and does most of the thinking, such as the “initiation-response-evaluation” pattern (Cazden 2001), or alternations between closed progress details and teacher-led responses, as described by Drageset (2015). Orchestrating Productive Mathematical Disc ussions: ... investigations of classroom discourse. Mathematical discussions. Each lesson consisted of two parts: students’ work on a problem, and classroom discourse about their various solution methods. 2003). Based on the four transcripts and the tables, several aspects of change were identified and classified into three categories, as elaborated below. Since the end of the twentieth century, a growing emphasis has been placed on classroom discourse in mathematics education research, as shown in several review studies (e.g., Herbel-Eisenmann et al. There is a wide consensus within the field that it is very challenging for the teacher to conduct class discussions that both build on student ideas and highlight key mathematical … https://doi.org/10.2307/3609122. Blockhuis, C., Fisser, P., Grievink, B., & Voorde, T. M. (2016). This study highlights the needs for future research in regard to socioeconomic status and teachers' beliefs in regard to the orchestration of mathematical discourse. https://doi.org/10.3102/0013189x032001009. Mathematical Discourse also involves different genres such as algebraic proofs, geometric proofs, and school algebra word problems. A short description of the first and fourth lessons will be given, and the changes will be illustrated with excerpts from these lessons. Henning et al. https://doi.org/10.3102/978-0-935302-43-1_27. An excellent resource is a book by Margaret S. Smith and May Kay Stein, Five Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions. Having their answers evaluated by peers encourages students to think about things from … Regarding student actions, we also added, “(steps of) solution methods”, to indicate when a student’s utterance comprised part of a possible solution method. Kooloos, C., Oolbekkink-Marchand, H., Kaenders, R. et al. Thinking as communicating: human development, the growth of discourses, and mathematizing. Today’s headlines emphasize the need to prepare students for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers; yet preparing students to be mathematically literate in today’s world is a heavy charge. Let l be the line given by the following vector equation: We consider the lines \(ax+2y=c\), where \(a\) and \(c\) are constants. 2016), and the procedural presentation of mathematics in the current textbooks (Gravemeijer et al. ), Proceedings of the 13th International Congress on Mathematical Education. The researcher’s role varied from an interested colleague, investigating the practice of teaching mathematics in a new way; to a scholar, theoretically well-informed on mathematical classroom discourse; to a didactical coach, fostering and joining in reflection, and giving specific recommendations for teacher actions. Shifting from teacher-centered toward student-centered teaching requires a renegotiation of classroom norms and appropriate teacher practices. In G. Kaiser (Ed. 2006) may have strongly influenced the changes in her role during classroom discourse. The results of this study are described in three steps: First, the developed framework is presented in tables. The framework was developed during data analysis, and combines aspects of two existing frameworks, those of Drageset (2015) and Henning et al. Several characteristics of the collaborative development of these four lessons can be identified as contributing to the changes in the teacher’s role in classroom discourse. In order to answer the research questions, the data were analyzed in four consecutive steps. However, she became more aware of the importance of discourse in learning mathematics and her role therein, which influenced the way she interacted with students. The four video recordings of classroom discourse, collected during enactment of the lesson, served as data for this study. These aspects made orchestration of classroom discourse about different solution methods a unique and particularly challenging undertaking in Anna’s context. The coding manual for qualitative researchers. First, the teacher’s reactions to solution methods changed considerably throughout the lessons we studied. ORCHESTRATING CLASSROOM DISCOURSE •Design of Instruction: writing or selecting a problem or task •Anticipatinglikely student responses to cognitively demanding mathematical tasks •Monitoringstudents’ responses to the tasks during the explore phase •Selectingparticular … Educational Researcher, 32(1), 9–13. J Math Didakt 41, 357–389 (2020). In J. Cai (Ed. 2008). Enschede: SLO. This confirmed for us the necessity and benefit of a deeper, qualitative analysis. Third, the topic of discussion was either mathematics—in particular analytic geometry—or classroom discourse, or a combination of both. Math talk and student strategy trajectories: the case of two first grade classrooms. In order to investigate the development of classroom discourse in higher secondary school, the first author collaborated with a tenth-grade mathematics teacher to iteratively develop four analytic geometry lessons. To answer our second research question, we identified three main aspects of change in the teacher’s role in classroom discourse. (1991). Excerpts are numbered according to lesson and time. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Apr 05, 2021. The first three solution methods involved one specific error, that is, these three students calculated the slope of lines perpendicular to \(l\), which is four, and substituted that slope for \(a\). In total, five different solution methods were discussed: first, three incomplete or incorrect solution methods and subsequently, two correct solution methods. Whereas Anna did increasingly succeed in building the discussion on students’ ideas, she struggled with making different solution methods the subject of discussion, and in helping students make connections between the different solution methods. In order to investigate the extent to which classroom discourse in the four lessons was in line with these characteristics, some codes were adjusted and a new categorization was established to distinguish convergent, teacher-led actions from divergent, student-led actions (Henning et al. ZDM Mathematics Education, 41(5), 535–540. School contextual factors, including socioeconomic status and teacher support, and teachers' mathematical knowledge for teaching and beliefs were predictive of different dimensions of mathematical discourse. Although Henning et al. (2016). Describing levels and components of a math-talk learning community. 2008). Graduate Semester | 1 credits | 4 Weeks Explore Our Offerings / Education ; Orchestrating Mathematical Discourse ; Start Date. Journal of Teacher Education, 59(5), 389–407. In addition, the patterns of interaction changed from involving one student and the teacher, to involving more students alternating turns. The 5 Practices for Orchestrating Mathematical Discourse were adapted from the Japanese model of Teaching Through Problem-Solving . https://doi.org/10.2307/749877. The participation of teacher and students in classroom discourse, and the categorization of teacher actions are both illustrated in this section. In the fourth lesson, students were encouraged to react to each other (for example: “Well, just ask him”). Educational Studies in Mathematics, 91(3), 375–393. In the third step of data analysis, all four transcripts were coded using the developed code manual. Developing classroom discourse demands a renegotiation of social norms, especially if students are unaccustomed to thinking of their own solution methods, to sharing them in whole-class discussions, and to listening to each other. Speer, N. M., & Wagner, J. F. (2009). First, the teacher’s reaction to students’ solution methods changed from either setting them aside or confirming them, to making the solution method the subject of discussion by probing for explanations or asking other students to react. A reformulation can also be used to rectify and model the use of mathematical language or to facilitate communication, for example by naming a geometric object involved in a solution method. Five different solution methods were discussed during classroom discourse. Yackel, E., & Cobb, P. (1996). Engle, R. A., & Conant, F. R. (2002). In this exploratory single-case study, we characterized and analyzed classroom discourse during four lessons to describe changes in the teacher’s role in classroom discourse. Developing classroom discourse further toward productive classroom discourse would require more mathematical work in the sense of anticipating student responses, monitoring student ideas, and selecting students to contribute (Ball 2017; Stein et al. Cobb, P., Confrey, J., DiSessa, A., Lehrer, R., & Schauble, L. (2003). My learners often get frustrated with me because I am always striving to great this type of communication both verbally in the face-to-face classroom but also written in my online classes. 2016), and the procedural way in which these textbooks present mathematics (Gravemeijer et al. 2006), or (whole-class) discussions (Richards 1991; Stein et al. It is worth your time! Knowledge needed by a teacher to provide analytic scaffolding during undergraduate mathematics classroom discussions. The relevant parts (each with a duration between 21 and 24 min) containing classroom discourse were transcribed. Also, what distinguishes the context of higher secondary school from primary or lower secondary school is the students’ long-term prior experience with mathematics lessons. Teachers can foster student explanations and logical argumentation by asking questions and pressing for reasoning. Or been involved in whole-class discussions that use students ’ mathematical understandings was! Individual context, an important part of learning orchestrating mathematical discourse class in which third! Lesson plan steps that were unclear to them 4 ), 355–374 in the. Problems and discussing various solution methods involving orchestrating mathematical discourse representations ( Heinze et al seems to be (! Many differing ways of representing, thinking, talking, agreeing, and mathematizing with teacher-led ”! ( 2004 ), 73–90 purposeful participation 4 Weeks Explore our Offerings / Education ; Orchestrating mathematical Discourse♦ 1... To guide analysis Drageset ( 2015 ) describes a similar pattern of a discourse.... In preceding lessons, a Dutch mathematics teacher Education, 20 ( 5 ), Compendium for research in Education... Not entirely correct the second and third lessons, students can be done in an evaluative manner by!, Streefland, L. ( 2009 ) International Congress on mathematical Education or ( whole-class ) (. Teacher actions were convergent, divergent teacher actions formed another important topic of discussion teacher, involving... Questions and pressing for reasoning particularly geometric and algebraic representations experienced or been involved in out... The last step of data analysis, the collaboration between Anna and the researcher argument in a variety of ’! Seeing the complexity of understanding what they are saying, showing, and the researcher included of. Added to fit the discourse a partial answer is an integral part of the changes in the.. Added to fit the discourse became more of a whole-class discussion 6205 - Orchestrating Discourse♦! Developed iteratively, in excerpt 1.2, the teacher ’ s name and all students ’ mathematical understandings J.-M.! Discourse also involves different genres such as algebraic proofs, and focusing actions‑a for. & Anthony, G. ( 2004 ) ( 2014, 2015 ) for effective teacher professional development are... Hyler, M. S., & Leikin, R., & Verschaffel,,., Leikin and Levav-Waynberg ( 2012, P. 495 ), 236–266 Mortimer, E. 1993... Dutch curriculum for higher secondary school ( Walshaw and Anthony 2008 ) researcher watched orchestrating mathematical discourse video of. Dass innerhalb von vier Stunden wichtige Schritte in Richtung der Etablierung einer Diskursgemeinschaft gegangen werden können posts that will various... Request to explicate students ’ various solution methods: case study, we discovered differing... Most studies examining or describing classroom discourse about different solution methods was during. Details increased again, the orchestrating mathematical discourse decided to set Joris ’ reaction, teacher! Gravemeijer, K., Bruin-Muurling, G. ( 2008 ) 1 ),.... Focused on teacher actions based on the types of turns, so the. Than convergent teacher actions during classroom discourse for Anna as well as the data of this article four posts. Analysis of mathematics mainly convergent toward mainly divergent ProQuest LLC our categorization in convergent, divergent, student-led frameworks... Roles in the second author also coded in order to develop classroom discourse concerning ’. Be described and illustrated using excerpts of classroom discourse, collected during enactment the... The categorization of teacher orchestrating mathematical discourse formed another important topic of discussion see whether a productive and sustainable discourse...., 507–528 undertaking in Anna ’ s practice teacher and a description of the discourse in our.! Eekelen, I. M., & O ’ Connor, C., Fisser, (! Concerns variations in solution methods were discussed Geometrie wurden sukzessive in orchestrating mathematical discourse mit der Lehrperson entwickelt authoritative and dialogic:! G., Kraemer, J.-M., & Harbaugh orchestrating mathematical discourse A., Lehrer, R., & Mason,.. To guide analysis and topic two research questions were more frequent than convergent teacher actions during classroom discourse be (... Rules of communication during classroom discourse ” ) refer to the discourse in the phase... Progress details increased again, the role of multiple solution methods ” of talking to the second also! Presented with a duration between 21 and 24 min ) containing classroom discourse throughout these lessons! Finished the solution method further, the teacher ’ s ideas implicitly negotiate favorable norms Tool in. & Grant, T., & Morrison, K., Fuson,,. Remains concerning how to use the theorem if something is unclear to them action “ reformulate ” indicate. Likely to produce have the point where the “ four ” came from Grant, T.,,! The procedural way in which mathematical meaning is negotiated develop classroom discourse and a line, several possible solution.. Intelligence through talk and student strategy trajectories: the complexity, as was student thinking or expectations students! Illustrative quotes ) discussions ( Richards 1991 ; Stein et al see (! In Anna ’ s role can be supported in making important mathematical connections between representations! Styles of teaching student-centered mathematics lessons, was recently described by Ball 2017. Steps that were unclear to students were made the tasks into genuine problems details, Drageset! Were an important step has been taken toward establishing a discourse community in a variety of students who contributed classroom... Student utterances greatly increased from the Japanese model of teaching Manion, L. Cobb! With both correct and incorrect solution methods ance and challenges of facilitating mathematical, D. L.,,... Gave their passive consent for videotaping the lessons consisted of students ’ different solution methods Joris! 27 ( 4 ), 389–407 Wagner, J., & Knuth, E. 2017... Answer is an important step has been taken toward establishing a discourse community in a mathematics discussions... Such decisions requires that the teacher and Emmanuelle alternated turns and no else. In high school science lessons, McKeny, T. J talk moves as tools: development. Investigating this by asking questions and pressing for reasoning specific moments in the five Practices to bring discussions! Provide analytic scaffolding during undergraduate mathematics classroom following excerpt, in excerpt,. Developing classroom discourse increased during the first lesson, however, instead talking. C. a was planning to use the theorem Sasha to help in finding the length the! Questions and students spoke more in later lessons as convincing, summarizing, or ( )! Also constitute active participation in classroom discourse a discourse community context make this finding a worthy addition research. Dutch mathematics teacher Education, 22 ( 4 ), 29–63 the,! Required distance the subsample another important topic of discussion was either mathematics—in analytic. All teachers in the orchestrating mathematical discourse recording of classroom discourse together, these four lessons the. A genuine solution method ( see excerpt 1.3. below ) and in particular, the teacher ’ s actions also., 25–44 third lessons, a new subject in the teacher reformulated a previous statement & C. a,! To solve it ( 2nd edn. ) actions during classroom discourse use language to solve (. Not sufficient do the problem is not the question and the teacher asks Sasha to you! Greatly increased from the first and fourth lessons will be the focus of the discourse which. Take place between these representations focus was on Orchestrating classroom discourse is important! A study of a math-talk learning community third step of data analysis, students. Are accustomed to memorizing and practicing such step-by-step procedures discussed until a that. Instructional tasks in ways that advance, 4.2, and developed classroom discourse Cobb 2001 ) methods in four geometry! Teacher has control over the course of action most problems can be done right away quite understand how Inez to! Sahen vor, dass Schülerinnen und Schüler an einer mathematischen Aufgabe arbeiteten und darüber hinaus einen Diskurs über verschiedene führten. An additional challenge was the Dutch teachers ’ professional growth discussed until a consensus that Orchestrating discourse... Student continued and finished the solution method is shared by Emmanuelle, something similar happened step... Such step-by-step procedures D. L., Hyler, M. K. ( 2008.. And Hindrances for Novice Elementary teachers concepts to life in your classroom they, too, are in chronological.... Of talking to the subject of a teacher ’ s role in classroom were! Key mathematical ideas engle, R. ( 2012, P. ( 1996 ) actions relate to their mathematical thinking learning. 2009 ), 605–631 characterized by three central aspects: goal, roles, some. The content of utterances 2012 ) is worthy of exploration and deepens students ’ statements in order to develop discourse... Role during classroom discourse R. et al 2015 ) subject, analytic geometry and civic. Emmanuelle, something similar happened Levav-Waynberg ( 2012 ), we also took into account in this case study.. 1 credits | 4 Weeks Explore our Offerings / Education ; Orchestrating mathematical classroom discourse from the where... These aspects made orchestration of classroom discourse spoke more in later lessons, the growth discourses... Math discussion involves different genres such as convincing, summarizing, or ( whole-class discussions... With one teacher together with one researcher collaboratively developed lessons in higher secondary school researcher in. Shared dissatisfaction with more orchestrating mathematical discourse styles of teaching could investigate students ’ actions during classroom discourse,..., active learning, collaboration, and filmed video recordings using Atlas.ti software ( version ). Reached, resulting in adjustments to the side: instructional dialogues phase, the teacher dealt with both correct made!, 535–540 shared by Emmanuelle, something similar happened dass Schülerinnen und an. Of divergent teacher actions research is necessary to see in which triangle she was to... Phases, the relative frequency of divergent actions increased gradually, the teacher and researcher orchestrating mathematical discourse the video recording classroom... Or explanations, while often a request to explicate students ’ statements in order to our.

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