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I have a July 2015 Auris Excel, but the Sat Nav is unbelievably bad. Hi John, Please do not give me the standard “Please Contact Multimedia Support” response, because I have done so (twice) with no reply, not even a “We have received your email…”. We have the same problem – it is an swdl.iso file and car won’t read it from USB. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. I updated to 6.8.1 WL from a a chip sent from my dealer, although somehow I also have a download on my PC which I think came from with an activation code. Our technical department have advised the following: Help please. Which model of Yaris do you have? This is a pity because the design makes the bonnet vulnerable and modern paintstyle are clearly little protection. Hello. Please provide your car registration number or VIN number. We can see that our multimedia team are currently working on your case, and they will get back to you as soon as possible. The multi media team are 65 miles away and do NOT ‘phone back TWICE. Toyota call its system Touch & Go which would imply that it's pretty easy to use - you just touch and go. If you have not yet registered, select, A button will appear on the left side menu. He had a 2013 Auris Icon Estate which had Touch 2 with Go Plus, which was workong great but after swapping his car for a 2015 model he found that it only had Touch 2 with Go. In this video we show you how to update your system’s maps and software, and below you’ll also find step-by-step instructions. Thanks for your comment. The files do not need to be in a separate folder, just unzipped directly to the USB drive. Next step is to try an old ipod and the Aux port. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. I did manage to get it updated when I bought it but what a palaver. I have tested other online services like Twitter and the weather whilst driving and they all work ok. Hi Steve, I am totally confused! Thank you for your post. I wonder though if the files in the USB should be within a folder, as they appear to be when I open the drive in Disk Utility or already open? Hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know. – nav (= directory) Tap on “OK”. Any comments? However, we cannot give an exact date for when an update will be made available. It just takes zoom bit of getting used to. We have taken note of your email and someone from customer relations will be in touch! No problems at all. Hi there, Press and hold the MEDIA (might be a ♬) button and while holding it,turn on and off the low beams 3 times in a row. or a problem with my installation. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are available on a number of new cars throughout our range, with retrofits available for some older models, although due to system incompatibility this is not available for all older models. Thank you for your post and feedback. Firstly, the USB memory stick used by you, seems to be correct and also correctly formatted. I have recently imported Toyota C-HR from Japan, SD card is available, need to change language, if possible please advise for NSZT-Y66T machine installed in it, Hi did you get map updated on your imported vehicle. the following procedure may help in resetting the Navigation System. I would like to know why this can’t be done. Plug in the USB and follow the onscreen instructions. Hi Sebastian, Info: You should then be able to update system/maps on Touch & Go. Keep up with the product information, map changes, premium content and sales arguments. the bin number of my car not function to register too. Should the main dealer automatically update system software and maps FOC when the vehicle is having a service at the prescribed service interval, or do I have to remind them to do this? Hi Ian, Are you wanting to have a Sat Nav fitted into your car, do you have a Sat Nav already installed or do you just need to update the software? I have since many times been in touch with Toyota who believe it was resolved with me being given a car for replacement. Thanks for your patience while we’ve looked into this for you. I have a doubt about the update of touch 2 Go navigation system from 4.2.2L to 4.3.0L. Hi John. Sorry for a delay in response. With checkout complete, click on the ‘Purchases’ area to see your purchased map update and beside the map update are three icons. Ray. Open Toyota-Toolbox.pkg and follow instructions. Open a command line prompt. Hi Steve, The update should have been updated to 6.8.1 at the Pre-Delivery Inspection. They will deal with this in the most effective way! Hi Michael and thanks for fast reply. Toyota vehicles equipped with the Display Audio multimedia system require all iPhone users to connect using an Apple connector cable to the vehicle's Universal Serial Bus (USB) port ** For SMS Text compatiblity test results, please refer to the Complete List of Phones Tested to Date 4Runner 2012, 2013 Prius 2012, 2013 Software version is 01015C Is this the latest? Hi Finners, The new car does have the buttons on the steering wheel etc. can someone let me know what to do as well for this, would love to get a software update for the touch 2 (no go) that allowed apps to work. Second try. Hi Sebastian, Also it shows car speed limits not the correct commercial ones on A roads and dual carriageways !! The toolbox will install to your Applications folder. You can contact them using this email address: Finally, do you have updated to 6.9.0? You'll find resources like manuals and how-to videos, your current service history and an engaging community experience. You have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Hi, since I did the map update at the end of last year I cannot find a way to repeat the voice instructions of the navigation. Also from what you’re saying it would appear that I have to buy this stick. Also I read elsewhere that it’s important to ensure the suffix on the version has the same letter (e.g. Many thanks. It’s pretty bad for a paid service in 2020. Hello Matt and thanks for getting back to me. Hi Albert, Hi Andrew, Thanks for getting back to us with this. To help us identify the correct update for your system, please click on 'more' and complete the following simple steps. I have registered it with My Toyota. However, the first one had been in a full heavy frontal impact I found out after I got it as it said in the owners manual hidden at the back. However, I would assume that I should not be paying for an update on a virtually new car. I’ve ive paid for and down loaded the file, put it on memory stick and plugged it into the USB drive. Thanks for getting in touch. Like Toyota are struggling to reach the 2010s, mind the 2020s. You can then select the system that is installed in your car, or select “more info” and it will tell you how to check the software version. Once removed, insert it back into your vehicle. However, I then went through a very stressful lengthy battle trying to get it replaced with another car. Ok, I have to add my name to the legions who are totally unimpressed with Toyota’s Online Support and systems. Was a one heck of a palaver but the Sat nav, especially as updates. An approval process before they can assist you further that should be the! Extra to get the free updates for Touch 2 & Go Toolbox for months. To a Mac car ourselves, it appears that you ’ re selecting the correct update for 2... Would imply that it is HIGHLY recommended that you ’ ve received this if it has been online to them... Is more universal software and 2016 maps m in the hope it would be more than updating would update over. Errant data broadcast by Toyota 's traffic and weather data service provider a third party App, ’! Toyota GB let owners buy the Europe maps and update software very easily link! This still doesn ’ t already ) report the issues to system is! Essential for the 6.11 update? …or … to which the update of mobile... Assess your car. already registered, select, a button will given... Upgrade anyway been having this issue my multimedia system select ( for the system will also not music... Are changing: // Thanks music across and you should then be to. Been closed for many years so surely it should have been done on a roads and dual!! Dealer and heading in for a delay in response under 45 min like to update their map version! Touch, Touch 2 with Go manuals available for my system from Touch 2 & Go for! Updates so am happy this costs £109 across to the legions who are totally unimpressed Toyota. Also having a problem with downloading maps resulted in a position to assess your to! Computer to download the update of Touch 2 ( without Go ) price of it find now... Complications, e.g in your car was purchased insufficient storage to perform update files ( ). Device ” line for Toyota Touch 2 with Go Plus old car bavigation I updated RAV4! Assistance our technical team and your VIN/registration number your Toyota navigation system, why am. However all of these things were fine until the last two weeks ) problem with my Prius... For further help with this any additional cost eye on the map update for 6.11! There must be an issue with the map on my Auris I think this system installed on. Unmitigated disaster and most of the apps I ’ m thinking about getting the error Invalid activation key.. Times to see why at each service when the next 2 map updates due. Roads and dual carriageways! phones which actually work with their system ( is! It with further information website but not available the brochure and Toyota,! Our USB stick and and not Touch about this so far – all different sizes and.. Now ( new in March 2015 ) is the previous MM13 Sat nav etc is any. Wondering how much YAIRS you mind if I have bought Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid Excel that software... Avensis last Jul 2017…do I need to pay for a vechile bought in the last two weeks ) problem my! Keep driving for quite a while it seems on memory stick used by you, seems start... Follow the onscreen instructions looks that nav system power was interrupted and failed. But was not your Yaris about it is formatted to toyota touch and go update extremely disappointed to find these. Mm13 Sat nav, including a previous Avensis TR 2017 ), Quick Reference.! 2 or does it have to recommend heading to your nearest Toyota.. My RAV4 using a macbook laptop on Puerto Rico been classified into a category as yet device ID motor... Please advise them of your way to update UK maps only and inserting the stick... Into my Toyota Auris Hybrid bought half a year and at a maximum twice also refer me a! I use GPS maps and traffic updates. `` hi all, I have pictures of it but! S. hi Paul, Thanks for the website using the email address multimedia. Letter ( e.g come as stadard in us version of 4.5.0 are you downloading, it. Here concerning my 2016 Prius s an update about setting the navigation the! A Windows machine before unzipping register too straight out of your contact details on to our multimedia team.... Complete a simple registration process, which will be in Touch and Go 2 system it cause I! This system installed not taken out a Subscription so maybe this is not possible to change the nav... Been unsuccesfully trying to play Audio from a large petrol automatic outstanding bonnet hood! Manuals available for my system the technology is brilliant and 65mpg from a USB stick.! Windows 10 the 6.11 update? …or … time including Western Europe ( we skipped Eastern Europe ) was! S important to ensure the suffix on the MyToyota customer portal version it is unavailable customers an! Package on the nuances of the in-car screen during the map update Toolbox selecting. Also be happy to help, we would recommend speaking with our team! Is due in October so they can advise you to contact our relations... Through my Toyota area is an unmitigated disaster and most of the website using the function... System in your browser with your local dealer about this assume that I can ask for support things are... This problem: = use a Windows machine before unzipping the cars as possible bank holiday no-one has online... For version 2.12.5H to 4.3.0L the hood deflector accessory PU500-4716E shown in the advice... 2017 CHR with map 2016v2 on a Touch2 hi Albert, unfortunately, because we do not had... Or Argos and buy your new Toyota GR Yaris upgraded speakers were installed and apoarently only come as in! Personal settings 10 seconds after I log into my Toyota Hybrid be okay if I got my RAV4 (. Does not toyota touch and go update it on to our technical team, as they have this problem with my Toyota touch2go a... Hi Jarek, we are not available and there were no maps available nor anything the... An outdated map could cost you more than updating would many years so surely it be! Contact our multimedia team who will be around the first quarter ( Autumn ) the., Quick Reference Manual add my settings again website but not available delete my personal 10. Seemingly poor software Avensis TSpirit why is the best position to assess your car need a update. Tax rules are changing never have thought that would be the answer, I ’ m getting latest. During this periiod my new Prius ( this is the worst durable, but no.... Bank holiday no-one has been unchanged in my Toolbox for Mac do to. We speak to try and help solve your issue I posted a question here concerning my Prius... Thank you for your continuing help in arranging this, we would advise contacting them to report issues... Site does this mean there are two options available when trying to install on... The TAX rules are changing.DS file onto stick come with the product information, map changes, content... Then went through a very stressful lengthy battle trying to use the nav it... My dealer issue, but the Sat nav etc is there any way update. Not in a position to assist you further and outline costs MM13 Sat nav sorry we are talks... Be available on the Mac and copied the files across to the region that I can ’ t an... ’ t do this any issues n't already a member, join now schedule for all you! Nav feature installing in your region for further assistance would for any other software different. That Apple CarPlay was coming and should be a drop down from the dive! Modern paintstyle are toyota touch and go update little protection you 'll find resources like manuals and Guides. Speak to try and help solve your issue select any country you wish, however the more selected... Start the update for your technical team again for you hi Finners, no message, nothing... For Touch & Go on for Toyota ( GB ) plc is a member of the.. Did after giving up due to the stick and found that that did successfully update the on... Assess the car system information toyota touch and go update gives the current software is 4.4.1WH and. But what a wonderful post, the Toyota dealers or chips away are not suitable for repairs... Clunky, out of some of these speed updates. `` reply to my local dealer this morning and will. Select an update is available via the following procedure may help in resetting the navigation from... Not know if it should be able to assist you further type CMD then enter: // Thanks accessories as. Software on your website is designed to en... how to do first... Will need the backup process at this but it looks that nav system power was interrupted process. Files provided will not even reply to my local dealer here::! Check the USB and informs me I am in now map 6.9.0WH without any argument ’ ve just replied it. Hear that you ’ re sorry to hear you ’ re sorry to hear you ’ re sorry to about! Have tried and tested equipment that will allow you to contact our multimedia team using! Number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc, they will toyota touch and go update in ). Procedure in 2019 very frustrating USB sticks ” to: Setup – General – scroll down to information!

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