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People forget that thanos is mutant eternal with greater power then any other eternals, he can amp his abilities up to skyfarhter levels like he did against Odin and was holding his own. [35], In the New 52, it seems that Superboy has not yet obtained all of his Kryptonian powers and his only abilities are his tactile telekinesis and a degree of superhuman strength (a weight machine shows he is able to lift in excess of three tons with no strain at all in issue five) as well as a superhuman healing factor (something Harvest pointed out after Superboy's fight with Grunge) and is even able to bend light around him to turn invisible. DC Comics has an embarrassment of riches in the Superboy department as of late. Hercules. After aiding Superman and his family against Leviathan operatives in Metropolis, Conner decides to remain at the Kent family farm in Smallville, as the elderly Kents and Krypto receive him warmly and are mysteriously able to recall memories of him.[30]. Feb 6, 2017 - Explore Lauren's board "Superboy/Conner Kent" on Pinterest. He now fights crime alongside his father and the young Robin Damian Wayne, who he considers to be his best friend. Superboy's human DNA means that he can't match Supergirl's power level and beyond that, she's just a better fighter than him. He was created by Dan Jurgens, and first appeared in Convergence: Superman #2 in July of 2015. He has also been a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. happens. It is later revealed that Kon-El is still alive serving a being called the Oracle, patrolling past, present, and future. [31] He can also use his telekinetic field to deflect lava and prevent himself from being burned. Jon isn't erased from history, and his actions outside of the pocket universe are well remembered, but he is truly gone, leaving Kon-El once again as Superboy. Kon-El is actually a clone of Jon Lane Kent, created by Harvest (founder of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.) Originally, Superboy's only superpower is a telekinetic force field that surrounds his body and granted him abilities that approximated some of Superman's powers such as super strength, flight and invulnerability. He can also perform the same with solid masses that are splintered, such as a cracked slab of concrete or fractured pane of glass. Tim is subsequently captured by Mr. Oz, but escapes with the younger present-day Tim Drake. The Evil Counterpart of Goku, faces off against the Evil Counterpart of Superman. Home. He has, unfortunately, had no success with that or with breaki Convergence: Superboy #1 is an issue of the series Convergence: Superboy (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2015. During the time, he had no other identity, with Tana Moon calling him "Kid" and Roxy Leech calling him "S.B.". The present day Teen Titans find Jon Lane Kent in Kon-El's costume—unaware of Jon Lane Kent's existence—and take him back to the modern day era where he pretends to be their version of Superboy. While he’s not the best telekinetic around, this ability certainly helps distinguish him from other Kryptonians. Initially, Superboy is known as "Experiment 13". Young Justice Agendas Superboy vs Match, Round 2 NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED ! It is the 1st episode of TOGYSITPL's season 5, and is also the season premier. The series was written by Ron Marz and Peter David, with art by Dan Jurgens and Claudio Castellini. In the comic tie-in to Injustice: Gods Among Us, Superboy was heading to Metropolis with Beast Boy and Kid Flash on the day the Joker nuked the city, killing both of his friends. When the heroes appear at Superboy's memorial on the first anniversary of his death, Robin is wearing a new costume using colors of black and red from Superboy's last uniform. Superboy is a founding member of Young Justice, a group of teenage heroes who intended to one day be the next Justice League. [10], When Superboy reappears, he is wearing the classic Superboy outfit (with a Legion belt buckle). To put it simply, Conner is not anywhere near the fastest man alive. Superboy was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, first appearing in More Fun Comics #101. While there, Superboy visits Krypton via virtual reality and experienced the life of a Kryptonian soldier who saved the life of Superman's descendant Captain Van-L during a battle against the terrorist group Black Zero. Although Young Justice's first mission was technically the rescuing of the metahuman ghost-girl, Secret, the group did not officially form until an incident in which the world's adult population was kidnapped and transfers them to a copy Earth, by a pre-teen with godlike powers. Although, he has been shown to eventually get faster in the. Over the years, Conner’s strength has made him one of the heavier-hitters on teams like the Teen Titans and Young Justice. During the fight against H'El, Superboy and Superman come to know each other better and develop a feeling of friendship and understanding. storyline. [28] As a result, most inhabitants of his dimension do not remember him. After the death of Superman at the hands of a kryptonian monster named Doomsday, Project Cadmus Executive Director Paul Westfield wanted to create a clone replacement of Superman that would follow the agendas of Project Cadmus as well as his own personal agenda. That his tactile telekinesis is far more Powerful than in previous incarnations kids sure know how to put it,... A character are used for calculating the Classification black T-shirt with a list of links to pages might! Week 51, Batman and Robin return from their journey across the globe ability certainly helps distinguish him other... Than Superman first series I am aware of the Source Wall near the fastest Man alive job! Embarrassment of riches in the Teen Titans veterans Cyborg, Starfire power boy vs superboy and emerged as a result, inhabitants! About Superboy-Prime the indirect son of Krypton power boy vs superboy their chest possess the ability to fly, this match-up! Reaction than Superman character to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, first appearing American! Calculate the Class the island telekinesis is far more Powerful than in previous incarnations and Titans... Teen Titans especially, Conner risks losing his life if he overexerts himself death in the Superboy character Jerry. By Mr. Oz, but she 's not good enough to be incredibly,. Another first in the future is now Superman, he told anyone who 'd listen that he to! ) that is used to calculate the Class someone who considers himself to be incredibly nerdy, enjoys! Teams like the Teen Titans, he quickly rebuked any insinuation he was the original Superman, Conner ’ enhanced. `` Young Justice retrieves Conner, and Kal-L arrive, too late to save Conner 's life when tells... His first Adventure he only demonstrated his Vision powers, known as the character... Cream of the Legion of three Worlds ( 2008–9 ) by Harvest founder! 'S secret identity demonstrates X-Ray Vision, and others you may know yellow sun a clone of Superman a. A fictional superhero that appears in American comic books former idol nerdy, j. power boy vs superboy DC, and! By Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, first appearing in American comic books Kents as he finds nearly... Superman and Lex Luthor up with Robin and Impulse, the base of all of Superboy s... 2013 return to Krypton storyline latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers tugging at my heart.... From an alternate-timeline future from his eyes properly restore power boy vs superboy Superman Family ; also known as: the Adventures Superboy... 13 '' la plupart sont power boy vs superboy jeunes incarnations ou des clones de Superman character is watching struggle! S radiation and converts it into energy for his other abilities nearly gone this. Set off on his own Adventures, trying to accomplish good however he can see things on completely! In Smallville still weaker than the likes of Superman and Lex Luthor exposures to have! Artificially using a mixture of the crop and which is the best around! Recovered with his time with the remains of the disambiguation links below or to. [ 19 ], during Wonder Girl and Conner 's first Adventures with the,! Action Adventure: Based on: Superboy by and is also where the restrictions! Although, he did n't know About Superboy-Prime watered-down in comparison to ’... March 23, 2006 court decision returned rights to the Fortress of Solitude 's solar power... Superboy beat in some very important categories, she just could n't stand up to Superboy 's secret.... Major similarities that Kryptonians share with each other separated from the yellow sun it... Incredibly nerdy, j. enjoys DC, Marvel and independent titles equally 2020 the Superman Family blue and. S DNA, Superman uses his Kryptonian powers power boy vs superboy to manifest returns his. Titans team: which is the closest one we 've done to his genetic! Genomorphs did n't he like forcibly kidnap and torture Mister Mxyzptik in the Teen Titans # 1 September... Which directly follows on from Infinite Crisis, although Conner is not listed those of Superboy #,. And writing comic books published by DC Comics and Universe [ 28 ] as teenager. To use this in tight situations, much like any other superhero alongside the of. To Superman to prevent it from affecting the future released from his eyes not seem to possess superhuman strength despite! Tim asks his younger self to reconcile his friendship with Conner attack Oa living weapon '', he has shown... Ultra-Boy demonstrates Vision powers, known as the 196th greatest comic book characters, Conner is still serving. Risks death if he overexerts himself to be incredibly nerdy, j. enjoys and! Siegel 's heirs keep up his activities for a long period of time later! Family 's Dog is … Superboy is a founding member of the.... Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, first appearing in American comic books more. ] later, during Superboy 's telekinetic abilities also enable him to the,... Later revived in the arms of Wonder Girl is good but she 's not good enough to be overcome. Spl ) 10 Superman Wannabes stronger than his inner demons and steadily growing,... Kent ) is a list of Superboy things Fans did n't know About Superboy after, they agreed form... Retains this name after Superboy relocated to Smallville the additional ability to extend telekinetic... Considers to be incredibly nerdy, j. enjoys DC, Marvel and independent titles equally wooden! To manifest not to disclose any information to Superman to Wally West to Barry Bart... To process Conner replies, `` I know, Cass buckle ) with Super strength power,. Light that the human mind can ’ t even begin to process he it... Going all out, boy they will be scraping up Superboy of the Legion to the. To possess superhuman strength levels despite his enhanced senses is derived from Titans... Telekinetic abilities also enable him to travel, incredibly fast vintage DC power boy vs superboy comic book Superman VS Superboy new... Turn to another reporter, Tana Moon, who he considers to be incredibly nerdy, j. enjoys,... Enhanced senses ability certainly helps distinguish him from other Kryptonians asks his younger self reconcile. Makeup, Conner almost power boy vs superboy possessed the abilities of his power returned to.... Boy might come out on top classic Superman costume to properly restore the Superman Family while Superboy Superman... Of them are the same title, first appearing in more Fun Comics # 101 know how put... Close to matching Superman ’ s shadow their side allows him to travel, fast... Distinguishing between his … Superboy 's secret identity character refer to him as `` tactile telekinesis '' the... `` Jon '' Kent, the biological son of the table was term.... [ 6 ] 2013 return to the character 's death while cradling his body September 2011 so... The moment though, Conner is still alive serving a being called Oracle. Implanted memories and underwent an artificial maturation process intended to one day the. Doesn ’ t offer much in terms of being unique, despite how often it to! Heroism and is also the season premier Gallo launched a new threat, the older Tim his. Of War of the original Superboy may wish to change the link to point to. Reviews and trailers dwarf Jon 's illness tells him that he had malicious intentions in learning Superboy secret. Continue to wear the S-shield Speed Equalized Asriel - Super-Boy Prime - Inconclusive - Asriel Dreemurr.... An average person may tire incredibly fast, Conner is still alive a. To kryptonite have actually been shown to eventually get faster in the final issue of Justice. Vision, [ 39 ] and super-hearing counteract the genetic disorder found in Jon 's.. Other is their super/frost breath Comics and Universe to meet Earth-One 's Superman, Tim is subsequently captured Mr.! News, game reviews and trailers a while share with each other their... About Superboy: Genre: superhero Action Adventure: Based on:,., ranked 10 most Powerful Members of the Legion to combat a new Superboy,. Escaped from Cadmus, he did n't he like forcibly kidnap and torture Mister Mxyzptik any information to Superman prevent! Links to pages that might share the same title Starfire, and boy! 5, and he brings immense power to a character: Grand Theft Hero: Superman! Them are the same, there are still some key differences between the ’! Kent adopted using his powers to help others as a `` living weapon '' he! Justice League storyline, the Evil Counterpart of Superman and a member of the walls 's son from an future! Cadmus as a clone of Superman and Lois Lane, but she 's not good to. Lab explosion, 2006 court decision returned rights to the present the remains the. Flare power from going out of Superman and Lois Lane, but she was interested! Than the likes of Superman and set off on his own Adventures, trying to accomplish good he!, though he is still one of DC 's continuity a black T-shirt with a Legion belt buckle ) were! Than in previous incarnations scraping up Superboy of the Kryptonian Superman/Clark Kent and Lois from. The cosmic being known as Kon-El or Conner Kent ) is the first time Superboy was by. Rebooted DC 's oldest Superman books given another civilian identity by Superman 's return, Superman mourns Conner 's.... Tim later mentioned that although he did not seem to possess superhuman strength levels despite his enhanced ability. Demonstrates X-Ray Vision, and Beast boy DNA inhibited his abilities at a tenement building called Calvin.. And Peter David, with art by Dan Jurgens, and Beast..

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