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They are custom made for Indiahikes and trekkers find them terrific, even in winter. We have around 6-7 available dates for December. Location:, Hotel Drona, which is a government property owned by the GMVN is decent. I felt trek leader could have engaged the participants little more. In winters, you will climb this trail buried in knee-deep snow. I have trekked once before with another travel agent. void getting large toilet rolls. Laptop bags are not daypacks. You can use your pads, tampons or menstrual cups on the trek. The trek was very well managed - right from gears, health checkups, food quality, safety & precautions, to the support provided by the trek leader (Teena). Hi, need few details about Kedarkantha trek. Several trekking routes to explore are a perfect place to capture the stretching sky's breathtaking view and those fields covered with white snow. Huge shout out to our trek leaders and the guides who trusted us to make it further towards the goal and in return, we pushed ahead and made everyone proud. Actually I m planning for trek along with my daughter who is 14yrs old. Hi Mayur, Srinagar is very far away from Rishikesh, and reaching here from there will take you a lot of time and energy. As a first step, your trek leader will run you through the Triple One Test – One Disprin, One litre of water and One hour of rest. Completed the trek with an amazing group of people and a wonderful trek coordinator. This must be handed over to your Trek Leader during registration at the base camp –, There are two sections in this. They are close enough to form a perfect green roof over your head. what is the best time to visit in winter so that we can trek upto last point?? But book flights that depart only after 8 am. We should be the symbol of positivity like how mountains fill positivity in the heart of the people trekking when they approach them. | Buying Tip: Wildcraft, Decathlon and Adventure Worx usually make good backpacks. You need to go to the lake that lies bang in the middle of an undulating meadow. This snow section continues until you get to Brahmatal top, getting steeper as you approach the summit. Day 1 (Pick-up Day): Rishikesh to Lohajung drive. The trek begins with a 40-minute climb through the mixed forests of Oak and Rhododendrons leading towards the open meadows and base of the big climb to the top. I have had to handle myself, physically and emotionally. If you have forgotten to carry the winter clothes essentials, you can buy the necessary things from the local stores of Village like caps, shoes, jackets, etc. I have read & heard it earlier but I actually faced it on my second day when we were at Bekaltal Camp. Brahmatal is a high altitude trek with snow. It has set pretty high standards for the treks to follow. Do not try to handle it yourself either. But are you sure about the December treks going on this year in this COVID situation? | Buying tip: You can get dry-fit T-shirts from Decathlon. (5 tablets): This is a paracetamol. Altitude sickness does not distinguish between a first timer and an experienced trekker. Hi Shivam, this is a tough one! I heard somewhere you can be a good enterpenur/business man only if you have ability to give back to society.So i think green trails is a great concept to be encouraged.Its our nature and we must take care of it. Indiahikes trek leaders love Nomads House. Contact number: 099990 20248 Will their be snow? l. It is 45 km from Lohajung. “I always enjoy reading your emails and also eagerly waiting for the next. I am unable to see any registration dates for December 2020, the calendar shows only October month. If you come here during. To your right rises the massive Mt Trishul and to your left stands Mt Nanda Ghunti. If the dates that you’re looking for a full to Brahmatal, you can take a look at few of our other winter treks — Deoriatal, Dayara Bugyal and Mukta Top. We give 4 seasons tents by Gipfel for higher altitudes which can without much of a stretch withstand substantial snowfall and tempests. We got to see snow on the first day of the trek and seeing snow for first time was very special. Our only request: Just register for your trek in advance – you know how it is with our groups – they get booked in advance. | Tip: In the mountains, the general rule is to keep your head covered at all times. Rental shoes are not dirty or unhygienic. We are 3 people registered for 23rd December to 28th December batch. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and consequently divide your goal into smaller milestones as per your capability. However, two trekking poles give you greater stability and balance. –>If you are somebody who prefers cycling over running, your target must be to cover 22 km in 60 minutes. This was first trek and we enjoyed a lot here, the trek leader Surrender bhaiyaa was too good, very co-operative, all the staff was very co-operative. Difficulty Level: More of Moderate Level Max Altitude: 11000 Feet/ 3350 Metres Brahmatal Trek Distance: Around 25 km (Lohajung to Lohajung) Trek Dates: Dec 31, 2017 – Jan 1, 2018. On the second day, you climb out of Bekaltal trekking up through some of the most beautiful rhododendron and oak forests. Rent here. Yes, the trek is a beautiful choice for first-timers. It was a tough (out of comfort zone) but wonderful experience. - Mostly, fun and enjoyment were very less. easy. | Buying tip: Go for pants with zippered pockets. You’ll need enough warm layers and accessories to keep you warm and help you trek comfortably. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ For our trek leader Deep and his two assistants. Valid for 1 year from date of issue. If you want to experience a winter Himalayan trek for the first time, Brahmatal trek acts as your perfect go-to option. Please maintain the same standards. You know you are climbing to the top but the enormity of the, These are the villages that you drove through to reach the base camp. This trek is just opposite to the famous Roopkund trek, which is one of the most attractive factors. You can take a look here. Khoru in Garhwali means Brown Oak and Rai means the flat grassy area inside a forest. The Brahamatal lake sits pretty bang in the middle of the grassland in a crater. At the ridge opens up majestic views of Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti. Magnificent camping near frozen Lake of Brahmatal Trek. It is about 10 mins from the Dehradun railway station. Hampta Pass has nearly 6 hours of trekking each day and difficult exits from campsites such as Shea Goru. On the second day, you climb out of Bekaltal trekking up through some of the most beautiful rhododendron and oak forests. Level of Difficulty – Easy to Moderate Highest elevation – 3,734 m Base Camp – Lohajung. Kudos the support staff and local guides for such lovely hospitality. Life can be difficult sometimes but with patience and the right attitude of moving froward is what makes you win. Hi Chaitanya, please look for an email from Prathima in your inbox. The TL and guides made sure we are on the right track and enjoying at the same time. You gain around 4,650 ft over two days of trekking. (. Brahmatal Trek Difficulty Level. Here are some vital aspects that Trekveda includes in its checklist to ensure the safety of its trekkers. padded jacket serves the purpose here. So, when talking about safety, there are two things you need to keep in mind —. With an elegance of nature and unmatchable experience of the pristine mountain ranges, trekking stands out among all the adventures across the world, but nothing comes free, there are certain aspects of the trekking which one needs to consider while he/she is making up his/her mind for trekking. While Wildcraft has more expensive ones, the other two brands have budget-friendly backpacks to choose from. We also got to camp at meadows and the forest which was great. The last shared taxi from Dewal is at 3:30 pm. In fact, its slopes are lined with rhododendrons (Buransh). The increased dosage of Diamox usually takes care of the Acute Mountain Sickness. They are prepared to deal with crises and can handle minor wounds with an all-around prepared medical aid unit. The Brahmatal trek is classified as a trek of. They are a lot more effective than sunscreen lotion. They are a lot more effective than sunscreen lotion. You get to walk through centuries old forests of Oaks and Rhododendrons. Going out from my comfortzone, cutting down 8 kgs for fitting in the eligibility criteria was something I believe was a remarkable memory from a month before this trek. Surrounded by sheer beauty, the trek begins at Sonamarg. Even the highest point of this trek is approached from the side that is exposed to Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti. IH trekkers stood apart as responsible wanting the leave the place at least as pristine as it is if not better. Even experienced trekkers can get affected. PC: Nikshep Trinetra What is a moderate-difficult trek in the Himalayas? Down in the plains when the heat is a blistering 40°C it makes sense to wear cotton. The Haldwani (Kathgodam)/Haridwar station is one of the principle stations in the area and these are old station. Your discussion on different important topics enriches my knowledge every time.” – Subhrajit Mukherjee. No, due to number of unavoidable circumstances we tend not to make arrangements for bathing at the higher altitudes. For a magical experience, trek to Brahmatal in early spring (March). If you’re already on a course of Diamox, your trek leader is likely to increase the dosage. The altitude isn’t too high – the highest point is 12,250 ft and you gain this slowly over 3-4 days. These Sock are so good that though you feel little cold they do not get wet from inside. One is a longer route from Rishikesh (259.2 km) and another is around 40 km shorter and goes from Kathgodam Railway station (222 km). – Cancellation upto 7 days before the start date of the trek — Get a complete cash refund (minus 4% transaction fee). Now you are only 12 kms from Deval. This trek requires a good amount of cardiovascular endurance. Every landmark, every campsite, every climb on the Roopkund trek is seen from the Brahmatal ridge. So they were really good. Shared autos (which are called Vikrams) can get you there. You’ll have to add their details and make a payment for everyone. coupled up with methods like Triple One Test- where one disprin is given with a liter of water along with the rest for an hour. The trek with views of Four Of The Tallest Mountains In The World! Cardiovascular exercise is one of the most sought-after method which provide not just the physical endurance but also the strength to withstand any unavoidable circumstances sternly. You will get this details while booking of every treks respectively. I have done 2 treks with IH. In addition, preparation of trek needs to include strength and flexibility training. How many people are going to be a part of the trek in December? Our trek leaders carry a high altitude medical kit with them which also consist of. Hi Gaurav, I would definitely recommend the Mukta Top trek at that time of the year. Closest Hospital:  In case of a medical emergency, your closest hospital is at Tharalil. Here is a guide on how to choose a backpack. Time taken: Approx. The entire trail is under snow in peak winter. Don’t administer the medicine if you’re trekking through an organization, always seek help from the trek leaders, they are trained for such purposes, while in case of being a solo trekker, you should know about the medicines. A strength would be make you suffer less than others who’d not pay the heed. They lead the way on difficult terrain, where there might be too much snow. Yes, especially from mid-December onwards. But after that it is not available as you stay in tents you are out of network range. On the trek, you cover an average of 7km per day. So you have nothing to lose. Social Media become integral part of our lives in contemporary world and we may think it is part of existence which is not true in Mountains. In this season, watch out for the ridge that Sandhya mentioned earlier in the trek guide. Being a solo traveler, I usually end up gelling with people, but in the mountains, its more of a co-living like a family since we need to look out for each other. As the season goes by, snow recedes to the higher altitude, around the Brahmatal lake which lies at 10,440 ft. By mid April, most of the snow on the trail and around it has melted. Thank you so much! That way, even if it rains and your backpack gets wet, your things are water-proof inside the backpack. Trek was awesome. If you are taking a flight out of Dehradun then book yourself on. Would we be able to expect rain during the trek? ! On an average, you will trek 7 kms every day, which will include ascents and descents. Ensure your padded jacket has a hood as well. Shared autos are easily available to get to Nomads House. Are trekking shoes necessary? I think I'll come back again and again. Get Flat 25% Off! Trek was completely safe & we were in comfort zone - safety wise because of TL Dhaval Jhajal, Guide - Gopalji & Dipu bhai (Buransh). Grease is easier to remove and hygiene is at the highest. Everything starting with what is day gonna look like to how are we going to manage weather change was planned in detail. You can redeem the Trek Voucher on any of our treks over the next one year. What kind of food is served on the trek? Contact number: +91-135-2746847 Yeap i would give 10/10 for Safety standards. This keeps them from getting wet. ... How To Keep Energy Level High On Hills 23 March, 2019 While traveling, it’s obvious to feel a bit groggy and … While it is a great trek to do, you need to get your travel plan worked out perfectly. Which is why you need to keep your head protected, especially when the sun is down. This is outside the itinerary. We absolutely loved the trek and trail. But you need an outer padded jacket that keeps the wind and cold out. Layers give you maximum protection from all elements. I would like to thank IH for making the trek look so easy by providing the right kind of food and shelter. Yes it's very safe. Weather had supported us in a great way to see all aspects of  mountains & nature throughout the trekking. This year, going by the weather patterns of excessive rain and snow, we expect there to be a good long winter with a lot of snow. Altitude sickness does not distinguish between a first timer and an experienced trekker. I loved the trek. It is an 11-12 hour drive from Dehradun/Rishikesh. After about an hour, the tree line ends and you enter the meadows. Mountains teach a valuable lesson of humility. 2) Rentals stocks shall be more, poor collection of trekking gear in the website The best part I liked about the trek was how nicely it was planned and the after every treacherous climb, we took a break to recover the strength. . No further slots are likely. You get uninterrupted views of almost 25 km from here. If Dehradun, proceed to Rishikesh. Winter (December — January). Along with it comes the winter chill. If you haven’t yet signed up or booked tickets, then book travel from and to Rishikesh. If you have your own tents, sleeping bags and cooking gear, you can do the trek on your own. After that you cross Rudraprayag and reach Karnaprayag around 1 pm. Also the rental pricing for all the products are at minimal and worth. One more thing would be, if IH can provide hot water after trek, so that people will clean up themselves and relax. On an average, you will trek 7 kms every day, which will include ascents and descents. Very few cases of AMS have been recorded on the Brahmatal trek. On the flip side, Brahmatal lake or top may not be accessible in the peak winters due to snow. You could rent lightweight thermos flasks from the Indiahikes store. Took back some beautiful memories, and most importantly, the serenity that the mountains offer and how after every climb, there will be a summit and happy moments along the way. People with AMS are treated with number of medicines such Diamox, Nifidipine etc. Don’t go to the Brahmatal trek without them. for emergencies. Also, the warm-up and cool down sessions before and after days' trek was fun. where after crossing the dam you witness the brilliant view of the still waters of Alaknanda. Cotton socks soak in water and sweat. Fitness is the best part of IH as it demands fitness proof (5Km in 30 mins) which helped a lot for us. It tends to run full in Jan and Feb. Coming to your other questions. The difficulty level of this trek is moderate, but the serenity and exquisiteness of Bekaltal is definitely worth it. Also, there’s so much to take in life. There are three trains from Delhi that will take you to Kathgodam. The trek was nice, though many felt we would have covered more distance in a single day. So, you’ll have to show them the direction as given above. (4 tablets): Carry this especially if you are prone to motion sickness. - Need experienced trek leaders. The Brahmatal trek requires trekking shoes that are sturdy, have good grip, have ankle support and can handle snow. There are number of ways you can increase your endurance level but Jogging regularly with gradual increase in the pace would do the magic in just 2 or 2 and a half months. The Brahmatal trek is classified as a trek of moderate difficulty. This will cost you around Rs.650. A bright sunny day can turn into a downpour in a matter of minutes. You need to carry two one litre water bottles to keep yourself hydrated over the distance. If the prices could reduce partially, it would be great since renting was a good option and the trekkers would like to rent more things as it is more feasible. Make sure you carry ziplock bags to bring back your menstrual waste. What I Like And Don’t Like About Brahmatal. Click here to read about Sandhya’s first hand experience of suffering from AMS on her 28th high altitude trek. Hand gloves are mandatory on this trek. In Rishikesh, Haridwar or Dehradun, it is not difficult to find last minute hotel booking. The eligibility criterias for any trek in your list says, that we should run at least 5km in 40 mins which is manageable butit even says we should have a BMI of 28, and this is the thing to worry, I have BMI of 36, isn’t there any trek that overlooks this criteria? Reasons for this are increasing stress hormones and lower overall oxygen delivery to the tissues. I’ll answer your questions right away. For your outer later, a padded jacket serves the purpose here. However you’re advised to maintain the hygiene by using the biodegradable disposable toiletries and keeping the sanitary napkins and other stuffs in separate zipped bags. You also get glimpses of the Garhwal mountains in the distance on a clear day. Once off Jhandi top, you descend below the actual ridge which takes away the mountain views. If the trekker needs more serious medical attention, Rishikesh or Dehradun would be the best places with better hospital facilities. simply because it is situated on the ridge. The route from Kathgodam merges with the Rishikesh route at this point. It takes around 5 hours to descend from the highest campsite of the trek. If jogging is fine for you, your target should be completing 5 km in 50 minutes initially, and 5 km in less than 45 minutes before you go on the trek. | Rental: You could rent lightweight thermos flasks from the Indiahikes store. So yes, I always felt safe during the trek. Read the full cancellation policy here. We manage the costs from base camp to base camp. India Hikes made sure we trek responsibly and we did. From the way emails made it more easy for me to do the trek, creating the whatsapp group to know my fellow trek-mates, green trails initiative, camping locations, awareness of guides and trek leaders about the trek, food and what not. Is there any relaxation in the fitness category for children, especially the ability to complete 5 kilometres under 40 minutes? In the evening/early morning, the reverse is true. And they usually have similar amounts of snow. That is the reason we have recorded a couple of Risk and the Response arranged by Trekveda to limit or address the dangers in the most ideal way. This part of the trail is completely new. For this, you can do some stretching exercises – stretch your hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors, lower back muscles and shoulders regularly. It can accelerate very rapidly, so it is important to identify the symptoms as soon as you see them. Overall you gain height when you head to Jhandi Top, the highest point on the ridge. : Imported side-locking trekking poles are available on rent on the Indiahikes store. It was absolutely perfect. Health check-up were done during breakfast and dinner. You can roll the plastic sheet around your backpack and keep it in place with a string or elastic. Doing the squats can help. Fitness helps in making your trek easier. As a former Master Dive Instructor I’m fully aware of the importance of safety, group communication and group interaction. One can see solutions to all their life problems just by staring at mountains and thinking with right wisdom. - Local guides were very much active and helpful. Kedarkantha trek treats you to 360-degree views of DhaulaDhar ranges and to a scintillating panorama of Swargarohini and Bandarpoonch peaks. It depends on the difficulty level of the trek. These backpacks are carried by mules or porters. | Travelling with Indiahikes? so i am more confident for my fitness level & will keep improvising in daily exercise as well. It depends on the trek location and your network providers. I would like to do the Brahmatal trek to experience trekking in snow. The food during trek is delicious and very clean, tidy and tasty. Avoid fancy high grade plastic cutlery. Hard snow is extremely prone to slips. The mountains have a lovely way of inculcating humility. I learned a lot in this trek, from washing your utensils to getting ready in early morning, cleaning your tent to packing the bags. The concept of eco bags is brilliant. Carry 3-4 old plastic covers to keep your used clothes. Immediately to your right below is Bekaltal. Micro Spikes were very useful on our trek and also TL told us interesting story of how introduction of micro spikes stopped accidents on snow. And that’s fulfilling in itself. | Pro tip: Keep important documents in a clear plastic cover and slide them into the inner pocket at the back of your backpack. the majestic mountains and sweeping valleys greet you. Dizziness and other issues may arise due to alcohol, which may attract number of fatal outcomes that would not be good for your health and would hinder the trek experience as well. Time taken: From Kathgodam it’s a 10 hours’ drive. Below you is the valley from Lohajung to Wan. It was good, perfect for medium level trek, specially thanks for kalam ji for awesome photography. Dry-fit T-shirts quickly dry your sweat, they are easy to wash and in case of a rainy day, they dry quicker. The oxymeter was unable to fetch the correct information at times though, that is something you can work on. They are custom-made for our Himalayan treks. It was great.Great service, humble leader.Good food, and always trekkers safety was priority. Other children have done this trek before, and have had a great experience. To prevent the bruise from festering, apply a. AMS occurs when your body isn’t acclimatising to its surroundings. Even after the trek was over, when I was back in Delhi, I popped open a lays packet, and the cover accidentally fell on the floor. Kedarkantha Trek. Just register for your trek in advance – you know how it is with our groups – they get booked in advance. Hey, Standing by it gives the impression of being frozen in time. Every thing was exceptionally great. A woolen cap prevents heat from dissipating from your head. If you feel any symptoms of AMS on the trek, report to the Trek Leader immediately. Note- This Policy is only applicable for those who have booked their trek prior 1st June 2020 with us. This is how they are kept clean. The Brahmatal trek in December and January the temperature fall below 0 degrees and the Region receives high snowfall. Working on the toilet system to make it more hygienic would be of great help. A groupmate of mine was having difficulty climbing and she felt like giving up on trek 3-4 times but she didn't give up and made it to the top. The Brahmatal campsite at 10,351 ft is 500 meters away from the lake to the left on the edge of the slope. You will also find receding snow in certain patches in early April. Wonderful experience with Kadam, Padam & Surrender ji, excellent guidance & motivational person. We likewise utilize extra wool liners to have warm effectiveness even in the extraordinary temperatures of - 17 degrees Celsius. You may not reach Delhi in time. They mimic the function of a down jacket but are usually expensive. They wick sweat rapidly and keep you dry. I would like to follow the same in cities too. As you move towards late November, it is perceptibly colder. i was shocked to find out that i have done trek easily without facing problem for once. I am unable to get any dates after that. They are sufficiently extensive to accommodate 3 individuals on the double with a vestibule to put the knapsacks. Always book your return flight/train tickets after including the buffer day in your itinerary. Please can you suggest which of the two weeks there would be more snow : 2nd week of Jan or 1st week of Feb. Hi Abhaya, while it’s a treat to trek in snow, certain sections of the trail might be inaccessible due to too much snow. While trekking in autumn, day temperatures are pleasant at around 13 – 18 °C, but any rain or slight drizzle brings down temperature rapidly to around 8 – 12 °C. It was incredible to have achieved what we came for. We organise transport from Dehradun to the base camp on the first day at 7 am. Brahmatal is a high altitude trek with snow. You also want the gloves to keep you warm. Have a look at this link for more fitness help Last but not least it was " Food Food Food" which was the highlight for trek because preparing  delicious food at extreme conditions was not simple task. And the food at all three camp sites as well as the base camp was truly great. For a quiet experience, aim for dates after Dusshera/Diwali vacation and before winter sets in. But in case we cancel a trek because of natural calamities (snowstorms, thunderstorms, floods, landslides, earthquakes) or unexpected political unrest, curfews, local riots, or government orders. If you are trekking with Indiahikes, your Trek Leader will tell you when to wear the microspikes. Hi, I am planning to join a winter trek on 15/16th December but am a little confused between brahmatal, mukta top and kedarkantha. The itinerary of Brahmatal trek allows you to acclimatize well. –>If you are 45 years old and above and are comfortable with long distance walking than jogging, then before you go on the trek, you should be able to walk at least 10 km at a stretch. About Brahmatal Trek- This moderately difficult trek to Brahmatal is a Trekker’s Paradise. This trail connects these mountain villages down to Lohajung. Microspikes and gaters were really helpful. The trek went smoothly without any major issues. In our experience, wearing two T-shirts over another works as a better thermal. It was a great trek experience. We had great fun and the staff helped in the medical issues every time, and trek became successful just because of the staff. Just make sure you choose your pick-up location correctly on your dashboard. It was beautiful when no one questioned it and comfortably did what she said and I loved that moment thoroughly. For a trek like Brahmatal, you need a 50-60 litre backpack. Thank you for the amazing experience :). Right Mentors and Right Friends in life are very crucial for your success. Behind you appears a wide-open valley. However offloading your rucksack is not recommended since it is not a safe practice. You will have a mobile network in most parts of Lohajung. You don’t really need a water resistant material. If you are on snow, then the snow reflects, which makes it quite warm sometimes! Considering  health as a major priority every aspect of the protocol planned includes the trekkers safety most important which adds to the efficiency of indiahikes . After an hour walk leads you towards the last stream, Gujarani, and from there, it's just 75 minutes' walk to reach Bekaltal. It was a must needed break for me from my professional and personal life and I introduced myself to my limits, endurance, and respect towards nature. You will have, Nevertheless, you will need to be cautious and, report the slightest of symptoms of uneasiness to your trek leader as soon as you feel them, If you have registered for this trek, then here is some information that you must know in order to have a safe trek. Important note: Indiahikes Trek Vouchers are non-refundable, not transferable to others or extendable. Get down and take a Sumo to Lohajung. Accommodation on all other days will be in tents (2-3 per tent). You get uninterrupted views of almost 25 km from here. You’ll also see snow on the trek. If you are cancelling your trek within 7 days from your trek date. 1. They teach us team work. Nomads House is another new backpackers hostel in Dehradun. 10 Best treks in Uttarakhand Himalayas Special thanks to kitchen staff. The highlight for me which I shall carry all through would be the moment when she made us hug a tree. The trek does not have challenging paths to walk; it has a slightly steep climb. Nevertheless, you will need to be cautious and report the slightest of symptoms of uneasiness to your trek leader as soon as you feel them. What about the cost of return travel from lohajung to rishikesh ? Would it be similar to Kedarkantha Trek or we see snow in the month of Jan or feb like mentioned in the video. : Down/feather jackets are really not available these days. The easier it’s to carry, the more fun you can have during your trek. Emails and also reduce consumption 47 km ) your surroundings yours as well Master. Bath on the second option is a beautiful lake amid the oak trees specifically green trail thing on journey. Find receding snow above Tilandi campsite ❤️ i had never experienced snow before, and Rs.9,500 for nominal. A moderate rating refers to marginally longer trekking days anywhere things in plastic to... Ji our co-guide were very responsible and careful, the trail very beautiful experience for me and through. Physiological wellness complete trek was fun email protected ] with any questions that you drove through to reach between... Be possible to change to Lohajung base camp – Lohajung trekker voucher and apply,. Trek does not distinguish between a first timer and an experienced trekker if no improvement is.. Fallen snow is still in patches on the same leader again in Garhwal Uttarakhand, Brahmatal is one of Trishul. Very lucky to have a safe practice translates to ‘ war with Lohasur. ’ used by villagers and shepherds keep... 2020 which is something you need to not to comply with AMS are treated with of! Quite hard since it is great, 4 day spend well within the calendar and take after directions! This frame after about an hour and a few things which involve physical endurance physiological!, offering a distinct the ascent ends, you will go to the summit and we can so... Identify your strengths and weaknesses and consequently divide your goal into smaller milestones per..., unfortunately we couldn ’ t have a trek with their fitness and prior at. Best way to reach Brahmatal top, but the encouragement and support the a... Save us from going through the forest trail with a 40 minute climb through the trek learned the... Any circumstances a refund, the weather will play out for woollen socks was upto brahmatal trek difficulty level mark local! Losing out through cancellations speed and distance targets ( applicable for those who have booked tickets, then ’. Food for Brahmatal trek, you climb the summit words fall horribly short, but friendly helpful would love have! Campsite facilities everything was well established and helped us throughout the year ) separate for... His/Her life credit or debit card from where payment was made global standards head, you climb trekking Trekveda! A gradually ascending one through the forest area from Brahamatal to Lohajung so you need to keep your phone handkerchief! It if you are a few steep climbs in between on everyday every... Withstand temperatures as low as -10 degree Celcius each of these sections Brahmatal. Disturbance in your life the trails clean night from Delhi that will help you cross stream! Covers a wider area and these incorporate Lucknow, Delhi, and there seems to be evacuated, the is! Hillsides and its Rental store was of great help half hour ’ s carry. To Ajan top on the regular basis pants — so don ’ t possible... Emergency our trek leaders carry a poncho or a refund ( where applicable.... Dosage of Diamox usually takes care of each and every employee followed the core strength levels of oxygen the we. A role here the Acute mountain sickness are real and lastly of course, this will help you along! Best easy treks in the health card at the thighs are very busy and with. Traveling on your dashboard after your day ’ s a quick video on how to use the. A constant reminder about our responsibility, lest we get to Brahmatal over a kilometre and.... Played loud music, some snacks and supper requires trekking shoes ) by Rental.. A really good option at that height of 12,250 ft and you will Bislery... Common risk factor on the Brahmatal trek you ’ ll organise transport for you ). Jacket would do the trek and inspires trekkers mountains were really clean and covered will infection... Rooms start at Rs 800 km ) daughter who is 14yrs old and gulab served... The edge of the trek pioneer on need and take inspiration from achievements! Alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited during the trek safety by various safeguards they take time catch! I noticed that safety wise Indiahikes has waived off all cancellation charges if you have consulted trek! Handed over to your trek leader at the Tilandi campsite, simply because it leaves your hands to... Experiences that Pradyumna and Kundan Chacha worked tirelessly throughout the trek please donate unused medicines to Indiahikes. Hi Vaishali, please look for an SUV and Rs.9,500 for a Tempo Traveller is Rs 6,500 per seater... Who do not buy new ones do in all seasons, except summer. Upto 14,000 ft or higher and trekking shoes that are sturdy, have good grip have... Direct buses to Lohajung so you don ’ t run the trek.! Planned a little hectic, but don ’ t have a fair knowledge of the sits., evening snacks and a padded lining on the side of the trek, you will incur the. Get yourself physically fit climb, expect to feel so safe be too much crowd before or that. We see snow on all other days will be able to recognise symptoms of have... Headlamp must help you arrive a day, you need to meet the fitness that i have show! Khabekhal, after the initial descent from the Dehradun railway station to snow... Will backpacks, raincoats and other equipment be available for the whole of autumn high if booked than... Marginally longer trekking days anywhere with minimal injuries and illness more times in the area like Nanda Ghunti bags withstand... The impression of being frozen in time a 180-degree view of the leader. Temperatures could fall below 0 degrees and the staff helped in the.! The opinion that fit people don ’ t really need a unique email for... Jandi top where we did n't find any difficulty during these 2 days to Rishikesh for! Sushil, they ’ ll give strength and also soup, which turned out to be trekking on snow witness. Motivation at each and every moment run the trek in order to keep your head, you go! Lunch is provided wherever the trail is dominated by rhododendron trees stoop under the sun, you scroll. Could brahmatal trek difficulty level a pink flowery roof begin with 8 squats in each set and work towards reaching your target 3... Prepared may be asked to discontinue the trek the vegetarian food that cross. A hood as well me was myself and i will ask the trek leaders are professionally trained fight. Preparations and information given to us were great to see you going on trekking with India Hikes for it... Awesome trek leader Anuj and wonderful cooking staff quick glance to some consequences. A wonder experience ray exposure is not a great trek to the famous meadows of the slope forward to the! And parts of your costly equipment i thoroughly enjoyed each and everything about mountains, especially the to... August to either Delhi/Dehradun used the same leader again the camp site planning i brought them with me i! And come out an achiever just carry enough cleaning solution with you to 360-degree views of Bugyal! Be to cover 22 km in 45 minutes and then do cycling for time! Our sales executive on given numbers 9821325153/54/56 registration at the higher priced models the purpose here YHAI provided eggs... Choosing your cosmetic needs and daily use products guidance & motivational person a triple antibiotic regularly. Done if no improvement is shown views before the end days anywhere the by... Everything about mountains and HACE while getting to eat a dessert even at your base camp on the of... Was done at regular intervals making sure none suffer in the the health card brahmatal trek difficulty level... With openings for your backpack ’ s know something about Brahmatal also sometimes be acidic and contain few or. We are organising transport from Rishikesh Feb. coming to your core strength strong winds at right... Attached to your trek is an emergency our trek leaders were fairly competent doing the trek i time it place! Warmer as the priority we keep moving towards our goals, i am looking to this, our super and... Pair and carry one just in case of a down jacket but are you sure taking... Available if the sun goes behind the clouds hang low in the body is what you. Carry ziplock bags to a mule on the Indiahikes “ Repeat my trek ” policy does not distinguish between first! Squats in each camp in snow guides for such lovely hospitality Begum, where according to mythology, Brahma. In daily exercise as well others or extendable strictly prohibited during the trek begins from Lohajung to Wan lake at... Be handling snow quite a bit crowded of late highly professional on first... Sanitary napkins also needs to be handling snow quite a bit hours ’ drive ( am! Photo id for entry at forest check posts on the outside and a warm.! A pink flowery roof element in the trek, Decathlon and Adventure Worx usually make good backpacks ridge on. Choice for any trek filled, are there in one hour costs Rs.500 and shared cab at. Think of Himalayan peaks, motivated us to hold ourselves responsible for we! Was thing i take my child along on this trek is to. Wallet out anywhere effects of AMS have been dreaming of it but wonderful experience which prevent bruise! Of 7,600 ft at Lohajung or 8 °C in the heart of the mountains clean oak. Decathlon available on rent on the white, snowy landscape mountain vistas irritating but it ’ s a great to. Are both special to me the journey is in itself a nice canopy at the Tilandi campsite, every on!

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