Apostolic Works

Our Works of the Apostleship

The Family of the Cross lives and develops through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in order to continue, through time and space, the intercessory cry that was its origin: “Jesus, Savior of all people, save them!”

God has raised up various institutions within the Church that, born of the Spirituality of the Cross and living within it, all have the same goal of promoting holiness among the People of God. These constitute the Family of the Cross.

In our apostolic service, we favor the Works of the Cross– they are the nucleus of this Family. Listed in order according to their founding dates, these Works are:

The Apostleship of the Cross,

  • The Sisters of the Cross of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • The Covenant of Love with the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
  • The Fraternity of Christ the Priest,
  • Us: The Missionaries of the Holy Spirit.

Father Félix de Jesús was called by God, not just to expand the Works of the Cross, but also to found others that might live and spread the spirit of Christ Priest and Victim. Religious congregations included are:

The Daughters of the Holy Spirit,

  • The Guadalupan Missionaries of the Holy Spirit,
  • The Oblates of Jesus the Priest.

Keeping in mind the changes of the world, we the members of the Family of the Cross would like to qualitatively develop so that, according to our ways of living in one’s state in life, located temporally and spatially within society, we can be a true visible memorial of Christ the Priest and Victim. We live Christ’s reality within the world where people are called to be God’s priestly people, committed to the coming of the Kingdom. We are committed to living this process of incarnation within diverse cultures.

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