Methods of Living Our Charism

Methods that Characterize Our Mission


Our most important pastoral charism is spiritual direction. This consists in helping each person to discern the inspirations and motions of the Holy Spirit, to discover his or her own life path, to find his or her vocation, to reach the goals that God has set out for each individual. Spiritual direction is similar to the coaching an athlete to meet his or her goal.

Through spiritual direction, we humbly foster each individual’s personal response to the action of the Holy Spirit.

The Liturgy of the Mass is the privileged means of living our ministry because it is the work of the priesthood of Christ in the present. We invite all baptized people to live their daily priesthood through an active and conscientious participation in the Eucharist. By offering the Mass for Christ, they offer themselves with Him. Thereby their lives and activities become spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

Another very important method of realizing our pastoral charism is preaching, especially in retreats and through spiritual exercises.

We put special attention into the preparation of preaching our homilies because, since homilies are a part of the liturgical celebration of the mass, they deeply influence the lives of the faithful.

We seek to ensure that our preaching is solid, simple, useful for women and men in the present moment, and inspired by the Spirituality of the Cross.

Because of our special consecration to the Holy Spirit, who at Pentecost inspired both the apostles and the entire Church to preach the message of the Cross, we give of ourselves with joy and courage in order to fulfill our mission. We trust the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.



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