The Goal

The path of every Missionary of the Holy Spirit has the same goal: to transform oneself into Christ Priest and Victim. Our way of following Jesus is radical. It seeks the very root of the Christian essence through an identification with the priestly sentiments of Christ: love for his Father and love for all men and women, love that gives of itself, that saves, and that gives its own life.

It is a glorious goal that orients our path, which like Jesus’ path, must be a path of life and salvation.

The supreme guide is the Holy Spirit, the same spirit who anointed Jesus as Priest and who brought him through the ways that the Father had marked for him. This Spirit of love brings us to imitate Jesus in his obedient love for the Father, in his humble love for his brothers and in the purity and sanctity of his love. We imitate Christ’s love in order to put into practice our spiritual priesthood, offering our love and ourselves with Jesus to the Father.

The model is Mary, the priestly Virgin, to whom we profess the love of a son in the mystery of her sorrows, especially her Loneliness.

All of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, the novices, student brothers, assistant brothers, permanent deacons and priests, follow this path because all, according to our charism, want to identify ourselves with Jesus Priest and Victim.

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