Modes of Action


15th General Congress (Meeting)

In order to be the living memory of Jesus Christ Priest and Victim, God asks us:

  1. To revitalize our experience of God, so that our personal and communal lifestyle might be a way into evangelical radicalism: by living with poverty, living in solidarity with those who suffer, and situating ourselves prophetically in the Church and in society.
  2. To cultivate our human maturity, which is an indispensible element of building healthy communities and adult relationships. The goal is to promote a continual process of full conversion.
  3. To restructure the exercise of our mission: deepening and implementing the concept of a Priestly People, generating processes of holiness, and forcefully moving toward solidarity.
  4. To make a voluntary commitment to live in personal, communal and pastoral discernment, as an indispensible means and habitual way of seeking the will of God.

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