Who We Are

Here to Build

We have been called, you and I, and all of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, to build a wonderful house. We will not do it alone; rather, it is about cooperation: “The rest I will do!”

“You, Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, will be my collaborators in the conquest of the world.”

The idea of the building to be constructed (our Congregation) came from Our Lord.

He is the Architect.

The one who provides the materials is He.

The one who indicates how to use the materials is He.

He, He, He, always He!

And us?

We are the workers who have our eyes fixed on the Master in order to do his will.

In order to build something solid and beautiful, it is enough to do the will of the Master.

Off to work!


Felix de Jesús Rougier

 Founder of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit

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