Our name, Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, “is a complete program of living our religious and priestly life.”

Our spirit and our mission both ground and urge us on in a specific manner, a particular way of living our consecration to God and bringing about our mission in the Church. Our founder synthesized this way of life: “First and foremost contemplatives, then men of action.”

This urges us to be men of prayer, lovingly attentive to God, until we reach the point in which prayer dominates our lives, so we could be continually under its influence.

We should give priority to contemplation, not just in theory but also in the concrete practice in life. It is impossible to fulfill our mission if our apostolic action is not grounded in the abundance of contemplation.

The Eucharist extends the priestly offering of Christ to the present moment. That is why our liturgical life is intense, and it culminates in the celebration of the Holy Mass. Fidelity to the Eucharistic adoration occupies a primary position in our religious life.

Called by God to participate in the same vocation, we form one family, in a communion of people with the same spirit and the same mission. Therefore, in our communities we seek to live united by the links of charity. Like the first Christians we strive to have one heart and one soul.

We live and work in community. This is like a family where all help one another to be faithful to God and work for the benefit of others.

We are a religious congregation of apostolic life. Our apostolic spirit grows from contemplation.

As religious, we radically follow Jesus Christ Priest and Victim. This requires that we turn our whole selves over to God, for the profession of the holy vows of chastity, poverty and obedience. It requires also that we collaborate with Jesus Christ in the construction of the Kingdom.

We are consecrated in a special way to the Holy Spirit; we are his missionaries.


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